Dimitri Sachkov

There are alot of fantastic guitar players from around the globe and one of them is Dimitri Sachov,  a wonderful jazz guitarist from Moscow, Russia. In this interview Dimitri talks about  musical education,  gear and future plans.

300guitars: Hi there Dimitri. Please give us a little background about yourself.

Dimitri Sachkov: I was born in Moscow, Russia and there I live now. I’m 21 and I’ve been playing for about 12 years.

300guitars: Do you study with a teacher or are you self taught?

Dimitri Sachkov: For about 9 years I was studying with a teacher who had been playing in the Soviet-famous Eddie Rosner Orchestra, an author of brilliant solo arrangements for guitar and balalaika. I practiced various pieces from national ones to classics, such as J.S. Bach, Paganini and Villa-Lobos. About 3 years ago I met Igor Boiko, one of the most professional and impressive teachers in the post-Soviet space. During our classes I have acquainted myself not only with various advanced melodic and harmonic concepts but also with world-famous jazz tunes and have learned different stylistic aspects of jazz music.

300guitars: What kind of guitars do you play?

Dimitri Sachkov: I own three guitars. My main guitar is a Les Paul crafted by a famous Russian master Max Ushkalov. It has a mahogany body and is equipped with my favourite Suhr pickups. Another one is a Japanese Burny ES-175 style guitar. I’ve replaced a default pickup with a SD Seth Lover and extra pots’ screening has been made. It is my favourite instrument for solo playing, therefore, it has thick 012 strings. The third one is an electro-acoustic Ovation guitar that I don’t play very often.

300guitars: Do you have a favorite that you use?

Dimitri Sachkov: I have no favourite guitar, but I play the Les Paul considerably more often than the others. It provides a somewhat versatile and clear sound that lets me play almost everything from jazz to rock. Furthermore, the guitar has one of the most comfortable fretboards I’ve ever tried, thus, it widens my technique opportunities oustandingly!

Dimitri with Max Ushkalov LP

300guitars: How about amps, what are you using?

Dimitri Sachkov: Frankly, I use various amps on stage and in studio, preferably, Fender or Mesa Boogie. But my own sound is formed using a Koch Pedaltone preamp. It lets me sound tasty in every situation! Being equipped with 4 tubes, the preamp makes my sound warm and rich, it provides an ability to overdrive or distort any amp in different ways.

300guitars: Besides the Koch unit do you use effects pedals?

Dimitri Sachkov: I own a very useful set of pedals. On my pedalboard you can find an AnalogMan Mini BiComp, a Z.Vex Box Of Rock distortion and booster, an Ibanez AD-9 vintage delay, a Red Witch Empress Chorus and a Morley Little Alligator volume pedal.

300guitars: Are you in a band and do you perform live?

Dimitri Sachkov: I’ve played with various bands in Moscow but now I’m working on my solo fusion electronic project. Moreover, I have some studio work in different genres from classical jazz to downtempo. This autumn I move to England for studying. So, from October I’m open for any musical collaborations in London!

Dimitri Live!

300guitars: Good luck in the UK Dimitri. You are a great guitarist and we here at 300guitars wish you the best of luck with your career!

Here is a great clip of Dimitri playing “Airegin”.

You can learn more about Dimitri Sachkov and watch more video clips at his MySpace page here.