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Unsafe Repair Practice

This is a very unsafe filter cap replacement repair on a vintage blackface Princeton Reverb amplifier. The capacitors are not securely mounted to the chassis. The heat shrink splices pulled off very easily and could have shorted inside the chassis.… Continue Reading

Upgrading Reissue Tube Amplifiers

  Fender ’57 Bandmaster 5E7 reissue chassis before and after. I gutted out the lengthy stranded conductor wire and replaced it with cloth insulated solid core wire. I also replaced all capacitors and resistors with higher quality components. The amp… Continue Reading

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New Eminence Speakers Custom Shop!!


  This is really cool! The good folks at Eminence Speakers say “If you want it….we’ll build it”. They can modify an existing Eminence product or create a a custom unique design from scratch. There is also a speaker break… Continue Reading

Celestion Dealer No More!

That’s right folks….I am no longer a dealer of Celestion speakers. My dealership was terminated without my knowledge. I only found out because I took an order for a G1265 speaker and emailed my sales rep as per usual. I… Continue Reading

SoZo Capacitors Now Available at Amplified Parts!

SoZo capacitors are now available from Amplified Parts! These are great capacitors for amplifier upgrades and custom builds.They are successful recreations of the originals, superbly built and excellent-sounding caps. When one considers the audio signal passes through as many as… Continue Reading

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