Here are some practical tips for storing your guitar for extended periods (over 6 months). First loosen the guitar strings by a half to a whole step. Never store your guitar without string tension! A guitar in storage for an extended period without string tension and a tightened truss rod can cause the neck to have a permanent backbow. Store your guitar in its case standing up, not laying down. If you have more than one guitar then they would stand up next to each other like suits on a clothes rack, not laying down on top of each other like a “Dagwood” sandwich. Store your guitars in a comfortable environment like a closet in the center of the building not one on an outside wall. This will help to maintain a constant temperature. A humidifier for the case is a good idea especially during dry winter months. A good guideline is if the environment is comfortable for you then it will be ok for your guitar. These few tips can help keep your stored guitars in good shape when you return to playing them.