This tip comes from a unique feature on the new Joe Bonamassa Signature Les Paul guitar. It seems that Joe was experimenting with some of the components on one of his Les Paul’s and decided to try different saddles on the tune-o-matic bridge. After his experiments he settled on using three steel saddles for the low E, A and D strings and three nylon saddles for the G, B and high E strings. I thought this was a kind of cool idea and decided to try it on my 1970’s Greco ES-175 type guitar equipped with Jason Lollar Imperial low-wind pickups. The plain strings on the nylon saddles had a little less sort of tinny sound and blended a little better with the lower wound strings. The steel saddles for the wound strings retained a nice, defined piano like sound. So in this instance you have the best of both worlds. And an added bonus is that the plain strings will be less likely to break on the nylon saddles. You can get replacement nylon saddles to experiment with from Parts is Parts. Click here for the link to the saddles.