If you have a guitar with stickers on it and want to remove them there is an easy way without harming the guitars finish to get the job done. The most effective way (and safest) for all finish types including nitrocellulose lacquer is to use Naptha. You can get Naptha in hardware stores or even a supermarket may have it. It is essentially lighter fluid so use care not to use it near an open flame.

Take a small piece of white cloth like an old T-shirt and saturate it with Naptha. Then rub the sticker and surrounding area gently. You can let the saturated cloth sit on the sticker for a moment or two to loosen the glue. Be careful not to “peel” the sticker because it may lift the finish. If you have to peel the sticker do it gently and take your time. Some stickers are made of paper and will basically become a loose mush of paper and glue. Some vinyl types will take a little longer. After the sticker is removed you may notice that the finish is a lighter color than the rest of the guitar. This is more apparent on natural and light colored finishes. The reason for this is because the rest of the guitar was exposed to sun light and fluorescent lighting while the finish under the sticker was “in the dark” and not exposed. This method will work for amplifiers and even pedals as well. Take your time and that sticker will be gone along with the gooey residue!