Nail Buffer Here is a great tip for buffing your frets to a mirror-like shine. This tip was brought to my attention by our man John Frondelli of dBm Pro Audio and the creator of the DIY Fender Champion 600 Hotrod Mod.

After you or your tech does the final crown and polish on your guitars frets you can use a 4-sided nail buffer to put the mirror like finish on your frets. This will make your strings feel like they are bending much easier and have a very silky feel to them when bending.

Normally on a fret dress the last step is to buff each fret with “0000” steel wool. Most techs do not go any further than this and it is totally acceptable to stop here. The nail buffer just takes it that much further. After the “0000” stell wool buffing you can then start with the most coarse side of the buffer. This one is labeled “Even Out”. The you progress through each side; “Smooth Nail”, “Buff Nail” and finally “Shine Nail”. Make sure that your fingerboard is taped off like in the photo. This takes the fret dress to the next level.

Using Nail Buffer

These nail buffers are available in most any grocery store or department store like Target or K-mart. They can also be used for buffing new bone nuts and has many other uses around the shop. Plus they are cheap. Thanks John!