Anthem Guitars – NAMM 2010!!

The Anthem guitars were cool with really good quality, sounded & felt great and priced right! The hardware on this guitar was like an aged bronze and I’ve never seen any hardware like it. These would make great second guitars… Continue Reading

Jeff McAlack Source Audio – NAMM 2010

Jeff McAlack from Source Audio talks about the new Sound Blox Pro pedals and expression ring. Jeff was a great guy at NAMM and the pedals are really god sounding with a lot of flexibility.

Carr Amps Artemus – NAMM 2010!

This is the new Carr Artemus model for 2010. Another one of my favorite amps at NAMM 2010. Steve is a super nice guy and builds an awesome amp.

Interview With Andrew Barta of Tech 21 – NAMM 2010!!

Andrew Barta of Tech 21 takes me through a few new Character Series pedals for 2010. These sounded great by the way and yes….Andrew is really tall and I am really short…! The new models are Leeds (Hiwatt sound), Oxford… Continue Reading

Burriss Amps Royal Bluesman – NAMM 2010!

Bob Burriss makes a really nice amp. This is a clip of the Royal Bluesman model. Simple straightforward design with really nice tremolo and Reverb. Bob’s amps were some of my favorites at NAMM 2010!

Interview With Juha Ruokangas – NAMM 2010!

Here is the interview I did early on Saturday at the NAMM Show 2010. Juha is a first class guy and builds an amazing guitar! He talks about the Unicorn, his new website and iphone app and a few other… Continue Reading

New ZT Club Amp Update!

We interupt this NAMM 2010 coverage to bring you the latest update on the new ZT Club amp. While at the NAMM Show last week Ken Kantor and the ZT team told me that the new ZT Club amp sould… Continue Reading

Brazen Guitars One-Piece Mahogany with Cream T Pickups – NAMM 2010

This guitar made by Brazen was made from one piece of mahogany. The ENTIRE guitar is one piece. It was super resonant and light…played great too. It had a set of Cream T pickups in it that were made by… Continue Reading

Hanson Cigno Guitar NAMM 2010!

John Pirruccello and his brother Bo had their Hanson guitars on display at the NAMM show 2010. The guitar I played in this demo is the Cigno model. I was really impressed with these guitars. Great quality, sound, feel and… Continue Reading

Yvonne deVilliers of Luna Guitars – NAMM 2010!

A quick clip with Yvonne deVilliers of Luna Guitars. Yvonne is actually a renowned stained glass artist and has created the Luna guitars. The Henna Series are my favorites. A super nice lady and her guitars are really nice..!

Carr Amplifiers Raleigh at NAMM 2010!

This may just be the best 3 watt amp I ever heard. I’m serious! The Vinetto Tele I was playing paired up nicely as well. Steve Carr is a great guy and builds a smokin’ amp!!! 3 watts…….!!! Click here… Continue Reading

Shawn Jones at the Lace Music Products booth – NAMM 2010!

Here is a short clip of Shawn Jones at the Lace Music Products booth last week at the NAMM show. He plays some great blues and has more great clips of his music on his site. Definitely check him out!!!… Continue Reading

A Break at NAMM 2010 Courtesy of JP “The Stratoblogster”!

Thanks JP!

Anthony Lucas on the New Eminence FDM Speaker – NAMM 2010

Anthony Lucas of Eminence Speakers talks about the brand new Flux Density Modulation speaker models. There will be two models a Red Coat Series “Reignmaker” and a Patriot Series “Maverick”. Essentially these brand new speaker models will have a built… Continue Reading

Jean Baudin on 11 String Bass – NAMM 2010!

My man behind the scenes Todd Hamilton shot this clip while I was meeting a manufacturer at NAMM 2010. This guy is playing an 11 string bass guitar. I thought it was kinda different and thought I’d throw it into… Continue Reading