Gibson 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard

Let’s all ooh and ahh over Gibson’s latest 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard from the Custom Shop. This is a faithful recreation of the original 1960 model down to the smallest detail. Some details include the long-tenon neck joint,… Continue Reading

U2’s The Edge Guitar Delay and Rig

I stumbled upon this article about The Edge’s guitar delay because I had to cover a part of a U2 song a while ago. I was sitting with the song “Where the Streets Have No Name” and had to figure… Continue Reading

New Fender G-DEC 3 Amplifier!

Wow folks….this little amp is a really far stretch from the original Fender Woody amps of the late ’40s! It is more than a digital amp in my opinion. It is more like a “computer” amp. Any of you guys… Continue Reading

Rusty Anderson Plays Voyage-Air With Paul McCartney!

Check this out. Rusty Anderson who is the guitar player for the one and only Sir Paul McCartney is playing a Voyage-Air VAOM-1C these days. Of all the acoustic guitars he could pick Rusty went with a Voyage-Air. After reviewing… Continue Reading

Review of by Wes Lem!

Wes Lem is part of the sales team over at Voyage-Air guitars. As you all know I did a review of the Voyage-Air VAD-06 guitar a little while ago. Click here to read the review. Great guitar! Anyway, I “met”… Continue Reading

Is Clapton Still Viable? Fender and T-Mobile Think So!

A while back I saw a post on one of the guitar blogs I frequent and the title was “Is Clapton Still Viable”? if I remember correctly. There were many comments left by guitar players and music fans alike. The… Continue Reading

NAMM 2010 – That’s a Wrap!!!

Ok folks here is my NAMM 2010 wrap-up article. It is rather lengthy and I did not mean for it to get so far out of control but I kept remembering all kinds of cool stuff to write about. I… Continue Reading

The Girls of NAMM 2010

Hey everybody, It’s Todd here, Billy’s Jack of all Tech, and I think this is a first: a real post on 300guitars!  The only time you hear from me is if something goes wrong, but this time you are hearing… Continue Reading

John Pirruccello Hanson Guitars – NAMM 2010

John Pirruccello talks about his new Hanson guitars and takes you through the 2010 lineup. These are excellent guitars and the necks on them are some of the best I felt. they are nice and light and John’s brother, Bo,… Continue Reading

Carr Amplifiers Mercury – NAMM 2010!

Another great amp by Steve Carr! 8 watts and sounds unreal. The Mercury amp uses a single EL34 tube and you can dial it down to 1/10th of a watt. Has reverb as well….!

Luna Guitars Henna Model – NAMM 2010!

These Luna guitars are cool. Very unique looking and they sounded nice. Yvonne deVilliers is a nice lady as well.

Burriss Dirty Red – NAMM 2010!

This is the clip of the Burriss Amps Dirty Red Amp. This little amp head sounded awesome at the NAMM show and also had a great feel with a pronounced vowel sound that was perfect for the electric guitar. Bob… Continue Reading

Chris DiPinto Interview – NAMM 2010!

Here is a short interview I did with Chris DiPinto at the 2010 NAMM show. Chris is a great guy and his guitars are really cool.

Ruokangas Duke – NAMM 2010!

Besides the Ruokangs Unicorn I got to try Juha’s Duke model. This guitar is extremely lively and has a really nice archtop/acoustic quality to it. This Duke was very light and was very comfortable to play……maybe on eht most comfortable… Continue Reading

Eminence Flux Density Modulation Speaker Demo – NAMM 2010!

I am checking out the ground-breaking, game changing Eminence FDM speakers for the first time. These speakers are absolutely revolutionary in my opinion because you kill two birds with one stone: 1- Great speaker and company, 2- A built in… Continue Reading