Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

Hi everybody! I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and all of your families! I will be pretty much off line for the next few days and spending time with family. I hope you will… Continue Reading

Tech 21 Trademark 30 Demo

Here is a quick video demo of the cool little Tech 21 Trademark 30 amp. It works great for recording and sounds good in a band situation. You can get many different sounds from it and it has real spring… Continue Reading

One Day Deal 12-23-09: ZT Lunchbox, Round 2

Ok folks, that’s it for the One Day deal this week on the ZT Lunchbox amp. Thank you very much to everyone who took advantage of the deal! Your amps will ship immediately!!!

Voyage-Air VAD-06 Guitar Review

There is a review of the Voyage-Air VAD-06 guitar on the Reviews page. These are super high quailty guitars that actually fold in half for travel. Michael Ferrucci over at Voyage-Air guitars told me that you can fit 4 or… Continue Reading

Andrew Gold and Waddy Wachtel – You’re No Good

Guys, I really, really love all that mid 70’s Linda Ronstadt stuff that featured Andrew Gold and Waddy Wachtel on guitars. All those great albums produced by Peter Asher (of Peter and Gordon fame) including “Heart Like a Wheel”, “Prisoner… Continue Reading

Robben Ford – The Art of Blues Rhythm

I saw this really cool clip of Robben Ford on the Guitar Lifestyle blog. First of all Robben Ford is a great player and has been known to have excellent tone. Having said that check out the the guitar he’s… Continue Reading

New Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player

Boss just released their new eBand JS-8 Audio Player. How’s their timing with the holidays…coincidence perhaps? Anyway this l0oks like a cool gizmo for practicing all kinds of guitar styles. Check out some of the features. The JS-8 is designed… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Cabinet Demo

Here is a quick video clip of the new ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Cabinet. First the ZT Lunchbox alone and then with the extension cabinet. It sounds broader with more bottom and punch. I did not touch the settings on the… Continue Reading

Grid 1 Audio 60 Watt Battery Powered Tube Amp!

Hang on to your jumper cables peeps because this is going to knock you for a little bit of a loop. I picked up a really cool Twitter follower the other day who makes some pretty radical amps. His name… Continue Reading

One Day Deal, December 17th 2009: ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox!!!

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the One Day Deal for December 17th, 2009 is on the ZT Amplifier’s Lunchbox.  Your amps will ship immediately so you have them in time to put them under your tree!! Thanks again!!… Continue Reading

Brian Setzer Hospitalized and Now Recovering!

It seems that Brian Setzer was hospitalized last night and had to leave after only a few songs in his show at the Isleta Resort and Casino near Albuquerque, NM. The latest report is that Setzer was hospitalized for dehydration… Continue Reading

Guitar Building Wood Screw Tip

Here is a quick tip for when you are doing the final assembly on your guitar build. It makes life easier and reduces the chances of breaking a screw head…….which can really ruin your day….! [shop_ad]

New Lovepedal 8823 High Headroom Overdrive Pedal

Sean over at Lovepedal had done it again. Here is a new overdrive pedal he is calling the 8823. The 8823 is a “high headroom” type of overdrive pedal. It incorporates a custom IC which starts to overdrive at very… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Cabinets Now Available!!!

The new ZT Lunchbox Cabinets are now available! Same 6.5″ proprietary driver as the Lunchbox, 8 ohms, 100 watts max and a phase switch to match up with other speakers. Please email me if you have any questions!!!

Inside the Leslie Speaker Cabinet

Did you ever listen to the Beatles, Eric Clapton, SRV, David Gilmour and countless other guitar players playing through a Leslie speaker? You know that classic slow moving sort of chorus sound then speeding up to a bubbly vibrato. Those… Continue Reading