Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! Thank you for visiting 300guitars each and every day! I really appreciate the suport more than you know. You guys ROCK!! In the coming year I want to know what I can do for you? How can… Continue Reading

Adjusting Truss Rod Details

I get several emails per day about adjusting a guitar’s truss rod. Many of these questions come from people that want to make their guitar play better without taking it to a technician. If you feel comfortable or have a… Continue Reading

Country Guitar Lick #1

Here is a cool country lick that works very well in uptempo country and rockabilly tunes. Hold that bend on the G string throughout the lick and use hybrid picking with some palm muting for the chicken pickin’ effect. Let… Continue Reading

Lovepedal Provalve 2 Now Available!

Lovepedal has just released the Provalve 2 pedal. Originally only 100 pedals were produced. But after Guitar Player magazine gave the Provalve an Editors Pick award the demand grew for this really cool pedal. After many months of consideration the… Continue Reading

New TV Jones T-Armond Pickups!

TV Jones introduces the new all-American made version of the Dynasonic/DeArmond pickup. This new model uses magnets produced in America and an improved design to other current production DeArmond type pickups. The newT-Armond features 2-conductor wiring to resolve out-of-phase issues… Continue Reading

Voyage-Air VAD-06 Guitar Demo

Just in case you didn’t read the Voyage-Air VAD-06 review here is the demo clip of this awesome guitar. This guitar really knocked me out….! Click here to read the Voyage-Air VAD-06 review. [shop_ad]

Run Run Rudolph – Dave Edmunds

Some New Year’s Eve stuff at the end…….but Dave Edmunds ROCKS!!!!!!

Little Drummer Boy – Ted Greene

Here is a video clip of the late, great Ted Greene playing “Little Drummer Boy” in a lesson type setting. It is not a performace per se but totally worth checking out. Ted was uber talented……!