Satellite Amps Atom in the House For Review!!!!

Hey all you 300guitars maniacs here is a sneak peak at a really cool amp that came to me for a product review. This is the Satellite Amps Atom model. The amp is made in California by Adam Grimm and… Continue Reading

My Fender Champ Blog – Everything You Wanted to Know About This Little Giant!

I found this really cool website, well blog actually, dedicated to the tweed era Fender Champ. The attention to detail is awesome and the hi res pics are stunning. There is detailed information about date codes, original cabinetry, two prong… Continue Reading

WD-40 For Arthritis and Tendonitis

I have received a boat-load of emails about my 9-26-09 blog post regarding WD-40 for guitar players and how it relieves hand pain related to arthritis and tendonitis.  Here is a quick video demo answering some of the questions in… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Support Thank You!!

Thank you very much for everyone that is supporting the ZT Lunchbox amp! This is a great little amp that is louder than loud, super compact and weighs in at about 9lbs! These are great for grab-n-go applications and also… Continue Reading

New Kinman P-90 Hx Pickup Now Available!!!

Hey all you P-90 lovin’ peeps. Chris Kinman has announced that his brandy-new P-90 Hx noiseless P-90 model pickups are now available! He’s been down under working on this pickup for 8 years! Here is how Chris describes his latest… Continue Reading

Left Handed vs Right Handed Guitar Players

I received an email from a parent asking me about her left handed son that wants to start playing guitar. Here is what he asked me and my thoughts on this. Thanks for the question Paul! Question: My son is… Continue Reading

Fender Stratocaster 5-Way Switch Demo

I’ve been getting some emails from younger, first time electric guitar buyers asking about the 5-way switches on Fender Stratocaster guitars. Rather than write an article I thought it would be best to do a quick video demonstration. This video… Continue Reading

Gretsch Trestle Bracing

Ok, guitar maniac peeps. I added a photo that I found on the interwebz of the Gretsch Trestle Bracing. This bracing keeps your Gretsch guitars equipped with this feature from uncontrollable feedback. It also adds more sustain and allows the… Continue Reading

Jim Pasch of The Parts Drawer – Blog Post About 300guitars

BIG THANKS to Jim Pasch at The Parts Drawer for the amazing write up about my site You can read it here: The Parts Drawer Latest News – Vintage Guitar Community Backs Jim is an expert in the… Continue Reading

Guitar Pickups: Are Hand Wound Pickups Really Better?

If you are like me and are always interested in getting the best tone from your guitar, you often think about its components and how they affect the end result of the instrument. One of the most looked at components… Continue Reading

Beatles “Rock Band” is Stimulating Guitar Interest

Ok, Beatlemania strikes again! But that’s ok with me because I love those guys…..alot! According to my old friend Jim Pasch of Hoboken Vintage Guitars and The Parts Drawer he tells me that he is getting a flood of phone… Continue Reading

Bigsby & Tune-o-matic Tuning Tip

Here’s a great tip on how to help keep those guitars in tune that have a Bigsby & a Tune-o-matic bridge. The strings can sometimes get hung up in the saddles and this easy mod can really help. I would… Continue Reading

Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II

Now this looks like a cool guitar!! This is the latest model in the 5th Avenue series that features a single-cut design and two Godin Kingpin P-90 pickups. Classic, vintage tone with presence & clarity……if you don’t mind! Based on… Continue Reading

Guitarists in the Military

If any visitors here at are guitarists in the Military I want to here from you!! Send me some email about your experiences, your gigs, your gear……….and thanks for serving!!!!