How To Relic Your Guitar Parts For an Aged Look

Here is a video about how to “relic” guitar parts for that aged vintage look. This is the way I’ve been doing it for a number of years with great results. It’s best of you do this in a well… Continue Reading

Ruokangas Unicorn Comparison Video

Here is a great clip of some guitars being compared to the new Ruokangas Unicorn. I am a big fan of Juha Ruokangas and his exceptional guitar building skills. He is a super nice and very knowledgeable guy. In this… Continue Reading

How to Stretch a Brand New Set of Guitar Strings

Here is a video of the method I like to use to stretch brand new guitar strings. This really helps to keep your guitar in tune after a string change. Do not use too much tension and tune after you… Continue Reading

Checking Speaker Impedance With a Multimeter

Here is a video on how to read the impedance of a speaker. If you take a reading of an 8 ohm speaker you will find that it does not read perfectly at 8 ohms. According to Anthony Lucas at… Continue Reading

Apology for Site Disruption

The technical team at apologizes for the recent site outage.  We have the site on a new server as of three weeks ago and are still hashing out some very minor issues.  A big “Thank You” goes to reader… Continue Reading

Pedalboard Planner Website by Pedaltrain – Build a Virtual Pedalboard!

Ok, so I’m cruising around the the interwebz and find this totally cool website called Pedalboard Planner which was launched by Pedaltrain. On the site you can build a virtual pedalboard to see how all your effect pedals could be… Continue Reading

Violin Rosin to Help Prevent Dropping Guitar Picks

Here is a quick video tip on how to prevent dropping your guitar pick. If your hands get sweaty and your pick slips from your fingers then this tip will really help you out…….and it’s on the cheap! [shop_ad]

Preamp Tubes – How To Fine Tune Your Amp

You can fine tune your tube amplifier with one tube substitution. The tube that you want to change is V1 which is the first gain stage preamp tube. You can tailor the gain structure with different tubes making your amp… Continue Reading

Strat-O-Blogster – A Cool Blog to Visit!

JP over at the Strat-O-Blogster shares the same thing as the rest of us….he’s passionate about guitars and guitar driven music! His blog is about Stratocaster guitars as well as Strat and general guitar culture, guitarists, guitar topics and guitar… Continue Reading

Warm Up Hand Excercises

Hey there 300guitar maniac peeps. Here is a video with a few warm up hand exercises I like to do before a gig or session. These really help to loosen up and lubricate all the joints with synovial fluid in… Continue Reading

300guitars Now Eminence Speaker Dealer!!

Hey all you guitar maniacs big news! I am now an Eminence speaker dealer! If there is any Eminence speaker that you’ve had your eye on look no further because they are now available right here with FREE shipping within… Continue Reading

Add Your Photo to Your Blog Comment

My main man behind the scenes, Todd Hamilton, has now made it possible to add an avatar (preferably a pic of yourself……pickin’) to accompany your comments on the blog. Just another way we can all get to know each other… Continue Reading

Telecaster Bridge Pickup Feedback Reduction Tips

If you are like me and love the Fender Telecaster but cannot deal with the unwanted microphonic feedback that can occur from the bridge pickup then this article will help you with tips to reduce or eliminate it. You can… Continue Reading

300 Tip: Lubricate Noisy Strap Locks

Just a quickie for today peeps. I have a Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod model guitar Which I love, love……..LOVE! I do not like the standard Gretsch strap buttons and changed them for Schaller strap locks. Now my guitar is… Continue Reading

Kluson Tuners Bushing Removal

Hi everybody. Here is a quick clip on how to remove the press-in bushings for Kluson type tuners. This is the way I do it and it has worked well for me over the years. You just have to be… Continue Reading