300guitars Blog at Guitar World!

 Hey everyone! Check out the 300guitars blog over at Guitar World blips. Head on over there check it out and vote up some blog posts. Let’s see how high we can drive them up!! Thanks in advance for all your… Continue Reading

Taylor 9-string Anyone?

Alrighty. Here’s some news. Taylor guitars has release a “double secret probation” 35th Anniversary guitar called the XXXV-9 (that’s 35-9…..35th anniversary, 9-string). This is a 9-string guitar and it is the first of the “You Asked For It” models. Why 9-strings?… Continue Reading

Guitar Hero: Isn’t it Just Like Playing Guitar?

 All I hear these days is Guitar Hero this and Guitar Hero that. Version 1, version 3…….and all the tweets about it. It seems you can’t get away from it. Guitar Hero has even made its way into some “serious” guitar… Continue Reading

Guitars: Does the Wood Really Matter?

 I get alot of emails from players asking about the woods that guitars are made out of and if the wood really matters. The questions come moslty from players with solid body guitars so we will adress this question in… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers – The Club 12 Amp is Coming!

 Ladies and gentlemen, players of all ages…….In speaking with Ken Kantor he told me that the new ZT Club 12 amp is due to start shipping at the end of November! That’s only about 2-1/2 months away! Just in time… Continue Reading

Fender Princeton vs Princeton Reverb Amp

 I love the Fender Princeton and Princeton Reverb amp. Who doesn’t, right? The are both great sounding, portable and loud enough to do a samll to medium sized gig. What’s not to like? What are the differences between these two little… Continue Reading

PRS Presents the New Sweet 16 Amplifier!

 The new PRS Sweet 16 amplifier is now available. This new model sports 16 watts of cathode-biased 6v6 power and features spring reverb, treble, middle & bass tone stack, and transparent master volume circuit. The control panel has a bright… Continue Reading

New Fender Stratocaster Replica Controller for “Rock Band”

 Now I’ve seen it all! A 1:1 scale replica of a Fender Stratocaster for Microsoft’s Xbox 360! This controller is made from wood and finished in sunburst plus it has real Fender hardware such as the bridge, tuners and strap buttons. It… Continue Reading

Hum Elimination With Multi-Amp Rigs

 So you decide to use more than one amp in your live (or studio) rig. You think to yourself that these two amps together will sound awesome and will be a perfect blend. So you plug your guitar into a splitter… Continue Reading

Epiphone Introduces 14 New Models For 2010!

 Epiphone Guitars is introducing 14 new guitar models for 2010. these models will include a 1959 Les Paul Standard, Tribute Les Paul Standard, Worn 1966 Wilshire, Emporer Swingster, Inspired By Casino, Inspired By Revolution, Special II GT, Graveyard Diciple, Inspired… Continue Reading

How Guitars “Work”

Guitars come in many different shapes, sizes, design and style. The world of guitars has nylon string classical guitars, steel string acoustic guitars, solid body electric guitars, hollow body guitars, etc. Each type has its own looks & style, sound and purpose. Generally… Continue Reading

New ValveTrain Trenton and Savannah Model Amplifiers

 ValveTrain Amplification is pleased to announce the release of the latest additions to their Revolution Series, the Trenton and Savannah Amplifiers along with 2 new Revolution Series extension cabinets. Designed in the tradition of the masters, the Trenton features a… Continue Reading

New Lovepedal Babyface Tremolo!

 The new Lovepedal Babyface is a full-featured tremolo pedal in a mini enclosure that has 3 switchable waveforms. The speed has a wide range from very slow to super fast, much faster than most modern tremolo pedals. There is an… Continue Reading