TV Jones Model 10 Now Available!

 TV Jones is now releasing their second production model, a single cut-away solid body guitar dubbed the Model 10. Compared to the Spectra Sonic the Model 10 is stripped down to the bare essentials. It’s constructed with Obeche wood (pronounced Oh-Bee-Chee) discovered… Continue Reading

Buddy Guy Turns 73 Today!

 Blues legend Buddy Guy turns 73 today. He was born in Louisiana in 1936 and has influenced generations of guitar players. Click here to visit his website.

New Effectrode Pedals Overdrive

 Over twelve years in the making, The Tube Drive features an all-tube signal path based on three triode tubes for stacks of smooth unrelenting overdrive or distortion. This pedal can deliver substantial level boost to provide extra drive to push… Continue Reading

New Dynamic Amps 2040 Models

 Dynamic Amps is introducing the new Dynamic 2040, a hand-wired vaccum-tube guitar amplifier. Dynamic says the 2040 was designed to offer a heavy dose of tweed tones. Its custom-wound transformers, custom aluminum chassis, and hand-wired turret board complete its beautifully… Continue Reading

300’s Tip: Troubleshooting on the Gig 101

 Did you ever get to a gig or session, set up your rig and…..nothin’? This can be a scary situation and put a damper on your performance. The article “Troubleshooting on the Gig 101” can help alleviate anxiety and offer some… Continue Reading

New Fishman Aura Spectrum DI

 The Aura Spectrum DI instrument preamp, the newest evolution of acoustic tone shaping from Fishman, combines a high quality direct box with award-winning Aura Acoustic Imaging technology that restores the pristine sound of a studio-mic’ed instrument to undersaddle and soundhole… Continue Reading

New Elite Tone Boost Pedals

 When the world’s economy enters a steep decline your tone shouldn’t also. Elite Tone has stepped up to the plate a offer the working music a new line of affordable handcrafted effects without cutting corners. Kicking off this new line… Continue Reading

New 3rd Power Amplification Systems HLH-100

 3RD POWER Amplifications Systems has announced the release of the HLH-100 amplification system, an all-tube guitar amplification system featuring patent-pending technologies. The all-new HLH HD100 head and HLH 312 cabinet offer superior sensitivity, complex gain structure and tonal palette designed… Continue Reading

New Yamaha FJ Jumbo Model

                   The venerable FG acoustic guitar, introduced in the 1960’s with the famous Red Label, is the world’s top-selling guitar model of all time. The famous guitar line is now complemented by the new FJX730SC and FJX720SC acoustic-electric,… Continue Reading

New Magneto Guitars Models

Based on original designs, all instruments are handmade by some of the world’s finest luthiers using the highest-grade materials under very strict controls on quality and integrity of build. All parts are made in the same area and same country.… Continue Reading

Rotosound Launch Nexus Coated String Range

 British string manufacturer Rotosound has a rich history of manufacturing the best, most innovative strings in the business. The company has brought all their expertise, knowledge and experience together to launch the new Nexus coated range of strings.After extensive research… Continue Reading

New Billy Gibbons “Pearly Gates” Les Paul Standard

 It’s finally here, and it’s bad to the bone. And now you can own it. Billy Gibbons’ favorite axe has always been his beloved Pearly Gates – a rare 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard with legendary angelic qualities. It has… Continue Reading

New Lovepedal Eternity Custom High Gain E6 Available!

 The new Lovepedal Eternity Custom High Gain E6 pedals are available and ready to ship. Click here for more details and ordering info.

Fender Truss Rod Adjustment Video

Here is a video showing how to adjust the truss rod of a Fender type guitar. [shop_ad]

New Stewart-MacDonald Humbucker Helpers

 Installing the screws, springs and mounting ring on a humbucking pickup can be a pain, especially when the pickup’s already wired into the guitar. The springs tend to go flying off while you’re fumbling to hold everything together. Let our… Continue Reading