Electro-Harmonix Introduces POG2

 Electro-Harmonix has announced the new POG2 polyphonic octave generator. Expanding upon 2005’s POG, the POG2 adds attack control, a second sub-octave, the capability to save settings and more.EH’s product page says, “Use the new attack control to fade in lush,… Continue Reading

New Kinman P-90 Hx Coming Soon!

 Pre release introduction: Update: delayed until late June because of problems with the complicated tooling, sorry!! The wait will be worth it I promise you. Name change: I decided P-90 Hx is a better name so please disregard previous name… Continue Reading

V-Picks Psycho Guitar Pick

 This pick is unlike any other guitar pick you have tried. Guaranteed! Laser cut the same size as the Freakishly Large, and 5.85mm thick. The thickness makes the Psycho easy to hold on to because you can keep your hand… Continue Reading

New Brian Setzer Album Due This Fall!

 Brian Setzer has made the following announcement on his website: “I have just completed all the rhythm tracks for our new album which will be out in the Fall. It will feature 12 new original songs all written by me.… Continue Reading

New Planet Waves Beatles Guitar Straps

 From Love Me Do to Revolution, the Beatles were arguably the most creative, diverse and influential band in pop music history. Planet Waves honors the Beatles’ legacy with a unique collection of guitar picks and straps, featuring iconic album covers… Continue Reading

New Lovepedal Purple Plexi

 The Lovepedal Purple Plexi pedal gives you two Marshall’s in one. This little guy makes any amp sound like either a vintage Plexi or a cranked JCM800.The Purple Plexi features Volume, Frequency, and Gain controls. The Frequency knob acts more… Continue Reading

New Acoustic Imaginearing Quantum Drive

 The Quantum Drive is a versatile and unique overdrive and distortion unit that uses a patent pending process to dynamically shape the sound of the guitar by means of a quantum tunneling device. Quantum tunneling is a curious physics principle… Continue Reading

Interview – Mark Jenny of MJT Aged Finishes

 There is an interview with Mark Jenny of MJT Aged Finishes on the Spotlight page. Mark and his son Matt Located specialize in the highest quality aged guitar finishes available. In this interview Mark talks about his finishing work and… Continue Reading

Godlyke TWA Little Dipper

 The Little Dipper is an envelope-controlled vocal formant filter based on a classic 70’s circuit. Its dual filters react to playing dynamics, creating peaks and notches that simulate the vowel sounds of human speech. The Little Dipper allows the user… Continue Reading

New Dimitri Sachkov Video: Giant Steps

Check out this new video by Dimitri Sachkov, John Coltrane’s classic “Giant Steps”. Dimitri is an excellent player and studies with Igor Boiko. You can read an interview with Dimitri here. Nice one Dimitri!

New 1962 Epiphone Wilshire Reissue in White!

 In cooperation with the Gibson Custom Shop, Epiphone is proud to announce the second in the series of “Epiphone Custom Historic USA” guitars – the 1962 Wilshire Reissue in White. Made in Nashville, Tenn., and limited to only 100 instruments… Continue Reading

Spotlight: Frank O’Hearn – Shamrock Amplification

 There is a new Spotight feature this month on Frank O’Hearn of Shamrock Amplification. His amps are individually hand built in boutique fashion. In this interview Frank talks about how he started Shamrock Amplification, Hi current model lineup and his… Continue Reading