Upcoming Guitar Events for June 2009

Upcoming Guitar Events for June 2009 Music City Guitar Show– June 6 at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, Nashville, TN. Contact: Mike Teepe at Acme Guitars 314-645-6670. [email protected] Portland Guitars Show and Swap Meet – June 7 at the Lents Masonic… Continue Reading

New Armor Gold Cables

 Armor Gold Cables is proud to introduce it’s line of industrial strength cables for the guitar market. The company is owned by award-winning designer Joe Naylor (Reverend Guitars president and Naylor Amplifiers founder). The line includes instrument, pedal patch, and… Continue Reading

Eastman Pagelli Series PG1 Model

 The Pagelli Signature Series, designed in Switzerland by Claudio and Claudia Pagelli, is handcrafted in the Eastman workshop of AAA spruce and maple tonewoods. Its attractive asymmetricall 17″ design features modern F-holes with a contrasting maple tailpiece and bridge on… Continue Reading

New VHT Standard Series 36

 VHT has announced the release of the handwired 36 Watt Head from the Standard Series line, The Standard 36. The Standard 36 Head is carefully handwired in the VHT workshop just outside of San Francisco, where experienced VHT designers oversee… Continue Reading

New DBZ Croc Skin Bolero

 Offering adventurous guitarists a totally unique instrument, DBZ Guitars’ brand new Croc Skin Bolero model will blow minds and turn heads: the Croc Skin Bolero. Straight from the mind of legendary guitar designer Dean Zelinsky, The Croc Skin Bolero combines… Continue Reading

New Rockett Pedals Flex Drive

 Rockett Pedals has released and is now shipping the Flex Drive, described as “a very versatile overdrive pedal that can go from clean boost to scorching lead tones with blues and country in between.” The Flex Drive is the first… Continue Reading

Review: Blackstone 2SV3 Overdrive Pedal

 There is a review of the Blackstone Appliances MOSFET Overdrive 2SV3 pedal on the Reviews page. A very authentic, tube-like overdrive pedal with two channels. Click here to read the article.

New Fender ’57 Champ Reissue

 Fender is proud to announce the release of an iconic reissue amplifier – the ’57 Champ!! The Fender Champ of the late 1950s is well known as the small-but-mighty tone machine that belongs in every serious guitarist’s collection. The tweed… Continue Reading

MOD 101 Amp at the NY Amp Show

 Kurt Prange is the designer of the MOD 101 Amplifier kit. Kurt explained to me that the amp has a 60 watt class AB power section with a modified blackface preamp section. It has a punchy open sound and with… Continue Reading

Guitar Maintenance – The Basics

 If you want to keep your guitar in top form during the busy gigging season then check out the article “Guitar Maintenance – The Basics”. This article will deal with several points to look at and inspect on your guitar… Continue Reading

G&L Centennial ASAT

 In celebration of what would have been our founder Leo Fender’s 100th birthday, the people of G&L Musical Instruments, in collaboration with Phyllis Fender, have created a guitar and bass to honor Leo by incorporating certain elements of Leo Fender’s… Continue Reading

Interview: Blaze – Teenage Guitar Titan From Fresno!

 There is a new interview with Blaze on the articles page. This 15 year old classic rocker Blaze from Fresno, California may be the busiest man in guitar show-biz. In this interview Blaze talks about how he got started playing… Continue Reading

Lego Princeton Reverb Amp!

 Dave Chatterson was home in his apartment on the evening of Wednesday, April 22, 2009. And the 28-year-old guitarist and resident of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, was feeling kind of bored. So naturally he did what many of us would ordinarily… Continue Reading

Interview: Bob Schell of Brookwood Leather

 There is a new interview with Bob Schell of Brookwood Leather  on the Articles page. Bob makes handcrafted leather guitar straps the old fashioned way- one at a time. In this interview Bob talks about the process of making a Brookwood… Continue Reading

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women

  Grammy winner, Dave Alvin, has been roaming the highways of American music for over a quarter century. During those decades he’s busted speakers with roots rock kick-starters, The Blasters, as well as mined the depths of country, folk and blues… Continue Reading