Photographers Against Hunger

 Together with “Photographers Against Hunger,” we’re encouraging fans of Bruce Springsteen to donate $25 to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. This is an opportunity to, in the words of one of the photographers, “become a part of the spirit… Continue Reading

Interview: Lester Peabody – Rockabilly From Finland!

 There is a new interview with Finnish rockabilly guitarist Lester Peabody on the Articles page. In this interview we catch up with Lester after returning from some performances in Germany and he talks about his choice of guitars and amps… Continue Reading

300 Tip: Turn Your Reverb Tank Upside Down!

  After many years the springs in a Reverb tank can sag, particularly the long 14″ tanks. This sagging actually changes the tone of the tank making the reverb tone a little dark and muddy. The sagging also adds to the “sproingy” sound and… Continue Reading

Small Bear Electronics Pedal Parts

 Small Bear Electronics is your one stop shopping for all DIY guitar effect pedal parts. There are Projects, How To’s and Kits available on their website. Small Bear specializes in stocking parts for building custom pedals and also modifying existing… Continue Reading

300 Tip: Preventing Hand Fatigue

 If you have ever experienced your hands getting tired from extended periods of playing guitar then the 300 Tip: “Preventing Hand Fatigue” can help you with this. You can read the entire article here. [shop_ad]

Visitor Poll Spring 2009

Hello to all visitors. First of all we would like to thank you for visiting us every day for the latest guitar news, helpful articles, DIY projects and all the information that 300guitars provides. We are wondering what you’d… Continue Reading

Economy Bad? Stocks Tanking? What about investing in Guitars?

From the Sydney Morning Herald comes this interesting article discussing Vintage guitars as collectibles and investments. From the article: The magazine’s 42-Guitar Index is based on the average estimated value of 42 of the most desirable collectable electric guitars in… Continue Reading

The Best Selling Gibson of All Time!

 Known today and forever after as the SG Standard, the guitar that replaced Gibson’s biggest endorsement model in 1961 was a complete redrawing of the blueprint. The original Les Paul Standard of 1958 – ’60 – with two humbucking pickups, a single… Continue Reading

Article: Resistor Color Codes Explained

  “Resistor Color Codes Explained” is an article about the color coded bands on resistors. The chart explains what the colored bands mean and there is a link to an online resistance calculator. Click here to read the article. [shop_ad]

Interview: Dimitri Sachkov – From Russia With Jazz!

 There is a new interview with Russian Jazz guitarist Dimitri Sachkov. In this interview Sachkov talks about musical education, gear and future career plans. Click here to read the article.

Lovepedal Echo baby Now Available!

  The Lovepedal Echo baby is now available. Here is some info on this cool pedal. The ECHO baby  features warm, studio quality, delay up to 760ms with a “Dynamic Modulation Mode”  If you hold the bypass switch for 2 seconds,… Continue Reading

Neptune Bound: The Ultimate Danelectro Guitar Guide

 Here is the definitive book on Danelectro guitars. The book traces the beginnings in 1946 right up to the company’s demise in 1969. It is loaded with details about founder Nathan I. Daniel, studio musician and designer Vincent Bell, patents, innovations,… Continue Reading

The Boxmasters “Modbilly”

 Billy Bob Thornton has been busy touring with his band The Boxmasters in support of their new album calld “Modbilly”. Thornton is the drummer, singer and writer in this project. The album is set for release on 4-21-09. Preorder now!… Continue Reading

Article: Chokes: What Are They? What Do They Do?

 Did you ever wonder what that little transformer looking object does? You know the one mounted to the chassis near the big boys? In this article you will find out what that little guy called the choke does and how it affects your… Continue Reading

New Mesa/Boogie Electra Dyne Amplifier

 Introducing the Electra DyneTM. An easy-to-look-at, simple-to-use new amplifier that has way more TONE than you might expect hidden artfully behind these six knobs and a switch. Deeply rooted in the Best of the Brit lineage, the Electra Dyne takes… Continue Reading