Have a Question about Your Gear?

Got a Question about a Guitar, Amp or Pedal?  Head over to our forum and ask away!  There are experts who would be happy to give you a hand! Expert already?   Maybe take a look around and lend your expertise… Continue Reading

Finish Checking – How To Avoid It!

 There is a 300tip on the Tips page about how to avoid finish checking. In some cases guitar players prefer a checked “relic” looking guitar. But, if you have a pristine condition instrument read the article to keep it looking… Continue Reading

New GFS Neovin Telecaster Pickups Now Available!

 The new Neovin Tele pickups from GFS finally deliver TRUE vintage Tele tone, with no noise. Over one year in development, after hundreds of prototypes, we’re confident the new Neovin pickups deliver more of the true tone you’ve been lusting… Continue Reading

The Guitar Pickup Handbook by Dave Hunter

 For every electric guitarist, a book that goes right to the source of the sound! The pick-up may be a humble piece of technology, yet without it there would be no electric guitars. In The Guitar Pick-Ups Handbook, guitarist and… Continue Reading

Lovepedal Eternity “Fuse” Now Available!

 The Lovepedal Eternity can be 3 pedals in one – Overdrive, Treble Booster and Clean booster – depending on where you set the dials. You can also blend these 3 factors. It has a socketed IC so you can swap… Continue Reading

Interview: Adrian Holovaty – Gypsy Jazz From Chicago

 There is a new interview with gypsy jazz guitarist Adrian Holovaty from Chicago, Illinois on the Articles page. Adrian talks about his favorite guitars, Django Reinhardt and being featured on the YouTube home page. He is an exceptional player with more… Continue Reading

Free Joe Bonamassa Live Performance Footage on Lick Library

 Lick Library, one of world leading suppliers of guitar tuition DVD’s, have just made available three, free to watch, Joe Bonamassa clips on their website. The new features include exclusive live footage, interviews and documentary taken from recent shows. World… Continue Reading

ValveTrain Amps Introduces the Lexington Reverb Amplifier!

 ValveTrain Amplification is pleased to announce the release of the latest addition to our Revolution Series, the Lexington Reverb Amplifier. The Lexington Reverb combo boasts all tube spring reverb, point to point hand wiring.  The switchable output stage delivers a… Continue Reading

Johns Hopkins Student Wins 2009 Louis Sudler Prize For Handcrafted Guitars

 A 10-member committee of judges at the Johns Hopkins University, awarded Paul Eliasson the 2009 Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts for his entry of his half dozen handcrafted guitars. Eliasson will graduate this spring with a degree in political… Continue Reading

What’s Happening on the Forums?

Telecaster & Stratocaster Necks: How Big Is Too Big???   Your opinion? Great New Vintage ES-335 Website   All ES-335 wonks, take a look! If you’ve got a question you’d like answers to, Ask in our forum.  Your question, no matter how… Continue Reading

Roy Orbison Epiphone 12-String to Hit Stores This Fall

 The new Epiphone “Oh, Pretty Woman” is a faithful reproduction of the 1962 original and features a solid spruce top, a solid mahogany back, a rosewood 12-string bridge and vintage tuners.  For this limited edition release, the back of the… Continue Reading

New Gibson Robbie Krieger SG Now Available!

 The new Inspired By Robby Krieger SG from Gibson Custom blends several features from some of Krieger’s favorite SGs into one stunning new model. Made of traditional solid mahogany, the body of the Krieger SG is typical of the thin… Continue Reading

The Innovative Guitar Hanger!

 For years guitar players have been storing guitars in the corner, under the bed, and in closets.  Now comes The Guitar Hanger: The next logical step in storing your guitar!  Whether for the touring professional or for the student just… Continue Reading

What’s Happening on the Forums?

Here are a few hot topics from the 300guitars Forums. Fender Roadworn – Opinions?  Does anyone own or ever try one of these and can share opinions on what you think of them? Fender Champion 600 Mod Thread DIYer’s talking and asking questions… Continue Reading

The Revolutionary Swivel Slide

  The Swivel Slide is a revolutionary guitar slide that allows you to use all your fingers and never sacrifice transition time. Its one-of-a-kind dual ring design allows  the slide to swivel 360 degrees absolutely effortlessly. The essential guitar slide… Continue Reading