Gibson Announces New Delivery Dates For Anticipated Dark Fire Guitar!

 Gibson announced today that the anticipated Gibson Dark Fire guitar will ship in limited quantities to select dealers with additional shipments later in the month and early 2009. Gibson’s retail partners did not acquire the anticipated limited number on Monday, Dec.… Continue Reading

New Soldano 44

Blues City Music owner James Burke contacted Mike Soldano about creating an amplifier based on the Soldano Astroverb combo, delivering 50 watts through a single 12″ speaker. The end rsult is the Soldano 44. Some features include: Single “SLO” crunch… Continue Reading

B.C. Rich “Grand Unveiling” of 2009 Models!

 B.C. Rich Guitars, who are also celebrating there 40th Anniversary, will be hosting a private online “Grand Unveiling” featuring all of their new guitar models for 2009. These new models have never before been seen by anyone outside of B.C.… Continue Reading

The Love Pedal Mini Buffers Are Back!

 A good buffer prevents the loss of  signal level , high end frequency response, low end punch that is caused by cable capacitance and poorly designed input stage/circuitry of some effect pedals. Features: 9VDC input, Low current draw and LED Status Adding… Continue Reading

New Santa Cruz Arlen Roth Model!

 Have you heard Arlen Roth’s stunning guitar work? Sure you have! Probably several hundred times as his discography includes contributions with many of the coolest guitar players you can think of. Arlen’s Debut album won the Montreaux Critics Choice Award.… Continue Reading

All About Jazz Interview With Adrian Belew

 There is a great interview with Adrian Belew on the All About Jazz website. The innovative King Crimson guitarist talks about guitars, the state of the music industry and the projects he has been invloved with over the years. Great interview by… Continue Reading

Fender and Sam Ash Release Clapton Crossroads Antigua Strat

 In 1998, Eric Clapton’s vision of opening a world-class drug and alcohol treatment center on the island of Antigua became a reality. The non-profit Crossroads Center has developed into an internationally recognized treatment center providing services to individuals and their… Continue Reading

Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus – 40th Anniversary

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the legendary The Rolling Stones: Rock And Roll Circus. In celebration, TODAY ONLY is offering downloads of the audio album for ONLY $3.99! CLICK HERE to take advantage of this once in a… Continue Reading

The All-New Savage Schatten 19

 From clean to scream, here’s the tone you’ve been looking for. With the Schatten 19 Savage Audio has designed an all-new classic, a head unit that is simple, compact and full of tone. Best of all, the Schatten 19 is… Continue Reading

New Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard

 The new Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard carries all the elegant styling, fluid body lines and rocking attitude of a classic Les Paul Standard from the golden era of the late 1950s. Upon closer examination, however, you’ll find many substantial… Continue Reading

New “Art of Aged” Glendale Guitars Brass Saddle Set

 New from Glendale Guitars is the Artistically aged compensated Intone Cutting Edge brass saddle set. These are the same Cutting Edge brass saddles but just aged to perfection for your vintage or relic type Telecaser guitar. Click here for more… Continue Reading

Fender Standard Series New Look

 The Fender Standard Series, one of the world’s most popular electric guitar and bass series, recently received upgrades that include new finishes, tinted necks, parchment pickguards/control knobs and ’70s-style logos. Click here for more information. Credit: Fender Musical Instruments.  … Continue Reading

New ValveTrain Concord – American Made 6 Watt 1×10″ Combo

The new ValveTrain Concord boasts all point to point hand wiring and delivers a blistering 6 watts RMS through a custom designed 10″ speaker. Designed in the tradition of the masters, the Concord features a 12AX7 dual-triode preamp tube driving the… Continue Reading

New Vox Time Machine Pedal

 The “time machine” dual-mode delay pedal is the second effect pedal created in collaboration between the world-renowned guitarist Joe Satriani and VOX. With two delay modes and a Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi switch, it delivers a wide range of delay sounds and yet… Continue Reading

New Jackson SLS3 Debuts

  Jackson is supremely stoked to unveil the newest member of the Soloist family, the SLS3. Released in fall 2008, the SLS3 also marks the appearance of a brand-new Jackson finish, Swirl Green. Further, the SLS3 complements its predecessor, the… Continue Reading