Tuesday’s Tip of the Day: A Quick Fix For Stripped Wood Screw Holes

Here is a quick, “down and dirty” fix for stripped wood screw holes on your guitar and will also work on amplifier back panels. The common quick fix is to take a tooth pick and insert it into the hole… Continue Reading

New DIY Videos Coming Soon!

 There will be new DIY videos published very soon. Some titles include “How To Adjust Humbucking Pickups”, How To Clean a Guitar or Amplifier Jack” and “How To Install Kluson Tuners On a Replacement Neck”. There are 9 new videos… Continue Reading

Anderson Guitarworks Limited Run Baritom!

 Tom Anderson Guitarworks has a big announcement about a big guitar-The Baritom is back for a limited run! T this could be the only time possible to ever get your hands on the legendary Baritom once again. Always popular and… Continue Reading

New Ibanez Flying Pan!

 The return of one of the greatest phaser pedals of all time! The Ibanez Flying Pan 777 combines phasing, tremolo and stereo panning, creating a perfect storm of effects. The much sought-after original units cost a mint. Now, after 30… Continue Reading

MXR Releases the ’76 Vintage Dyna Comp Pedal!

 The MXR Dyna Comp that was produced in 1976 has long been regarded as the ultimate stomp box compressor. There’s something inherently musical in the way it “tightens up” a guitar signal, raising the volume of quiet notes and leveling… Continue Reading

GTR Audio ConeTones Vol. 1 Now Available!

 Did you ever wish you could compare dozens of speakers for your guitar amp or cabinet? Well, now you can thanks to the GTR Audio ConeTones CD! ConeTones is a guitar speaker comparison audio CD that allows the listener to directly… Continue Reading

New Hottie Pickups!

 Introducing Hottie Pickups!  With the help of Seymour Duncan the folks at Hottie Amplifiers have created pickups that capture the creamy distortion and harmonic complexity of their Hottie Amps.  Original Hottie Pickups have honey-sweet tone, touch sensitivity, and a perfect blend of warmth and presence. … Continue Reading

Introducing The New Gibson Dark Fire!

 Gibson has released its new Dark Fire guitar. Analog or digital, the Gibson Dark Fire gives you a wide array of tonal possibilities to let you change the tone of the Dark Fire to match your environment. The Gibson Dark… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day: Adjusting Your Trem Arm

Here is a tip for players that have a Stratocaster type guitar with a threaded, screw-in trem arm. Sometimes with the vintage type threaded, screw in arms the arm itself is either too loose and just swings uncontrollably when not in… Continue Reading

New Jeff Beck “Performing This Week…Live At Ronnie Scott’s”

Tomorrow, 11-11-08, Eagle Records are proud to release a sensational live album from Jeff Beck, “Performing This Week… Live At Ronnie Scott’s”. A new Jeff Beck release is always an event and these concerts in particular are eagerly awaited by his… Continue Reading

New Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor

 One day while Carl was adding some compression to a guitar track in his studio, he thought, why hasn’t anyone built a small opto-compressor for guitarists?  An optical compressor performs gain reduction control via a light source into a photo… Continue Reading

New Allen Amplifiers Stainless Steel Chassis Now Available

 Now available from Allen Amplifiers are stainless-steel angled-front chassis’ with TIG welded corners and a 7/16″ rear mounting flange. 3 octal socket holes and 4 9-pin holes on models CHS and CHM. Five 9-pin holes on the CHL model. Eyelet… Continue Reading

Review: Lollar Imperial Humbucker Pickups

 There is a review of the Lollar Imperial Humbucker pickups on the Reviews page. This review is for the Low Wind set and the Regular Wind set. These are excellent pickups and will make your guitar sound better and increase… Continue Reading

Option Knob For Total Effect Pedal Control

 The Option Knob is a revolutionary guitar effects accessory. It easily replaces the factory knob on your guitar pedal and allows you to have real-time control of your sound effects by using your foot, not your hands. The Option Knob… Continue Reading

New Glendale Guitars “Revelation” Bridgeplate!

 Glendale ushers in the new era bringing the electric Spanish guitar into the 21st century. The lifting of the veil… The “Revelation” super thin Titanium bridge-plate. Glendale’s super thin .035 double-cut Titanium bridge-plate will add a heavenly brilliance to your… Continue Reading