Morely Limited Edition Bad Horsie and Tremonti Wha Pedals Released!

 Morley has released two new limited edition wha pedals. The Steve Vai Bad Horsie Liberty Wha and the Mark Tremonti Patriot Wha. Both pedals are available now. Visit Morely for more info and dealer listing. Credit: Morely.

Upgraded, Limited True Vintage Hummingbird, J-45, and SJ-200 Now Available!

 Gibson Acoustic‘s guitar workshop in Bozeman, Montana, is known for crafting some of the finest instruments ever produced in the 120-plus-year history of this storied company, and for fans of great vintage-spec flat-tops the True Vintage series is the cream… Continue Reading

General Guitar Gadgets September Kits On Sale Now!

  The folks over at General Guitar Gadgets are starting the September Specials a few days early so that their customers may have a better opportunity to order more than one kit on sale and save some shipping costs. The August specials… Continue Reading

New Ampeg J-20 Available!

 Leave it to the tone-obsessed engineering staff at Ampeg to come up with the no-compromise, 20-watt, all-tube, point-to-point wired J-20 combo. Part of the Diamond Blue Lead Series, the J-20 Jet’s retro-styling is highly evocative of the ’60s in attitude,… Continue Reading

Interview: Juha Ruokangas – Project Unicorn Video Diary

 Juha Ruokangas is designing a new guitar in his shop located in Finland. The difference with this particular design is that the entire process is being filmed and posted on YouTube for the entire world to see! Every step and… Continue Reading

New Redd Volkaert Release: “Reddhead”

 On Redd Volkaert’s latest release entitled “Reddhead“, he is joined by Chris Gilson on drums, Nate Rowe on bass, Rich Harney on keyboards and Buzz Evans on steel guitar. Heybale! band mate Gary Claxton is a special guest on harmony… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day: Plywood Baffles vs. Particle Board

Here is a tip for anyone who has a guitar amp or extension cabinet with a particle board baffle. Changing the baffle from partical board to a high quality plywood will give your cabinet a more open and natural sound.… Continue Reading

Lovepedal Releases New Provalve!

 Lovepedal is VERY proud to announce the release of a 2 year project, the 2 channel PROVALVE. What is a Provalve? Well.. The Provalve can FOOTswitch between classic amplifier gain structures to more modern style gain structures on the fly,… Continue Reading

Open Stomp Coyote-1 Now Available!

The OpenStompTM Coyote-1 is an open source audio effects processor built for guitar players. With the Coyote-1 users can develop custom audio effects in software (like distortion, echo, chorus etc.), mix multiple effects to build “patches”, and exchange those effects… Continue Reading

New Line 6 M14 Stompbox Modeler

The new Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler is the essential all-in-one pedal board experience that features a comprehensive collection of the most sought-after stompbox sounds, a full-featured looper and super-heavy-duty all-metal construction. Without complicated menus or presets, M13 Stompbox Modeler… Continue Reading

New Tommy Emmanuel Instructional DVD – “Emmanuel Labor”

 Emmanuel Labor provides a personal, one-on-one setting in which not only music aficionados can enjoy performances of some of Tommy’s best-loved tunes, but also offers guitar players instruction by one of the world’s best. Tommy Emmanuel, fingerstyle master and performer,… Continue Reading

141 Orange Tiny Terror Amps Stolen!

 Thieves broke into Orange HQ at Borehamwood on Saturday night (16th August) and stole 141 Tiny Terror combos with a total retail value of £62,000. So far, 121 Tiny Terror combos have been legitimately shipped into the UK and 2… Continue Reading

New Glendale Paper in Oil Capacitors

     New from Glendale Guitars is the “Paisley” paper in oil capacitors. They are available in .1mfd/200vdc and .05mfd/200vdc values. Exceptional tone capacitors for your guitar.

Interview: Bob Schell of Brookwood Leather

There is a new interview with Bob Schell of Brookwood Leather  on the Articles page. Bob makes handcrafted leather guitar straps. Each strap is hand crafted by Bob the old fashioned way- one at a time. In this interview Bob talks… Continue Reading

Tuesdays’ Tip of the Day: Protect Your Hearing!

 Protection for your hearing has advanced significantly over the years. You no longer need to shove little foam “marshmallows” into your ears and deal with a completely muddy mess of a sound that you hear wearing them. Yes, your hearing… Continue Reading