New Fulltone Custom Shop “RTO” Robin Trower Signature Overdrive

 Robin Trower is known for TONE. While working with Robin during his latest Tour, Fulltone has developed the RTO. An Overdrive truly worthy of the Trower namesake. Touch responsive, huge sounding, sustain for days… and crystal clear when the guitar’s volume knob… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day: Ground Loop Hum With Multi-Amp Rigs

 If your rig has more than one amp in it and you are experiencing excessive hum or buzzing then you may have a ground loop. A ground loop is an unwanted current in a conductor connecting two points that are supposed… Continue Reading

New Taylor Solid Body Classic SC!

 Single coil pickup fans take note: In late July, Taylor will release its new SolidBody Classic SC model, marking the debut of our proprietary Style 3 noiseless single coil pickup. The Classic SC captures all that’s great about the single… Continue Reading

Music Man Launches New Website!

Music Man has launched their new website which includes photos of their building Process, Media Gallery, Ball family blog and updated Products page. Credit: Music Man.

Original Lennon Lyrics Sell For $841,000.00!

 Original handwritten lyrics to one of John Lennon’s best known songs sold in London Thursday for $841,000. The words the former Beatle wrote to his anti-war anthem Give Peace a Chance were auctioned by a woman who snuck into his… Continue Reading

PRS Limited Run SCJ Thinline

 PRS is now offering a 300 piece run of a large, full-scale hollowbody guitar. Previously, the SCJ Thinline was only produced in small quantities inside the Private Stock department. This newly offered, limited run model features two different bridge/tailpiece setups,… Continue Reading

Review: BYOC Overdrive Pedal Kit

 There is a review of the BYOC Overdrive Pedal kit on the Reviews page. A great-no nonsense DIY kit that sounds fantastic. It is easy to build and easy on the wallet. Major bang for the buck!

Video Page: New Video Content Added to Video Page

 There are two new videos on the Video page. A little more rockabilly and some blues. More on the way. Enjoy!

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day: Casters and Tube Amps

This Tuesday’s Tip of the Day is about casters and tube amps. After playing for many hours a tube amp gets hot. Very hot. Even with a cooling fan there is a certain degree of heat buildup in the chassis and… Continue Reading

New Article: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And Guitar Players – Consider ART Before Surgery!

 There is a new article on the Articles page called “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And Guitar Players – Consider ART Before Surgery”! Dr. P. Michael Leahy has developed and patented Active Release Techniques for repetitive motion injuries such as Carpal Tunnel… Continue Reading

G6129BZ Billy Zoom Custom Shop Tribute Silver Jet

 Nice Guy…Punk Legend! The image of Billy Zoom on stage with his wide legged stance, satisfied grin and vintage Gretsch® Silver Jet guitar is well documented in the annals of American punk rock lore. A co-founder of the band, “X”… Continue Reading

PRS Guitars Introduces The Mira Maple Top

 Paul Reed Smith Guitars is pleased to introduce the Mira Maple Top model; an instrument that combines the retro vibe of the PRS Mira with the figured maple tops that PRS customers have come to expect. This new model is… Continue Reading

Bob Kilgore’s Harmonic Capo

 Bob Kilgore’s Harmonic Capo could be the Accessory of the Year. Unlike a conventional capo the Harmonic Capo has six individual rubber pads that rest gently on the strings at the 12th fret. This light resting action produces harmonics. When… Continue Reading

New GFS NeoVin Noiseless Pickups Available!

 The new NeoVin Pickups from GFS address the age-old problem…You want your Strat to retain the vintage look and sound but eliminate that pesky single coil noise. The new NeoVins represent the best combination of performance, appearance and value of… Continue Reading

New Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb Reissue!

 The original was used on countless hits over the years, and the new Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb is easily versatile enough to go from your living room to the recording studio to small gigs. It’s got the vintage vibe that Fender… Continue Reading