Spotlight: Ted Weber of Weber VST

 Ted Weber of Weber VST is best known for his guitar amplifier speakers. All different types of speakers. About 150 different types to be exact! What you may not know is how he got started, what his favorite guitar is and what is… Continue Reading

New BYOC ESV 2-Knob Bender Kit Available

The BYOC E.S.V. (Extra Special Vintage) 2-Knob Bender is quite possibly the sweetest MKII Professional Tonebender clone you can get. What makes the BYOC E.S.V. 2-Knob Bender so “extra special”? A redesigned PCB that fits the larger axial leaded capacitors… Continue Reading

Bridge Pins, Strings, Aspirin and Flashlight – Are These In Your Gig Bag?

 Bridge Pins, Strings, Aspirin and Flashlight. Are these items in your gig bag? Check out the article “Gig Bag Essentials” for a list of must have items for your gig bag. They could save your gig! Credit: Musician’s Friend. [shop_ad]

Groove Tubes Sells To Fender!

 Earlier this month the sale of Groove Tubes was officially sold to Fender Musical Instruments. This announcement was just made public by both companies. The service and products will remain unchanged under the new ownership by Fender. You can check out… Continue Reading

Brookwood Leather – Custom Guitar Straps Handmade To Order

 Bob Schell, owner of Brookwood Leather says “Brookwood Straps are made for comfort, not just good looks. I start by hand selecting only the finest premium grade hides. In addition to cosmetic quality, I insist on leather substantial enough to do the job… Continue Reading

New Gretsch G6130 Knotty Pine Roundup Limited Release!

 As rare as they come! Back in the mid 1950’s the folks at the Gretsch factory thought it would be a great idea to utilize the unique visual characteristics of knotty pine wood on a guitar. And if that wasn’t… Continue Reading

Available From Allen Amplification: Point To Point Kit For The Blackheart BH5H Amp!

 Available from Allen Amplification is a drop in point to point kit for the Blackheart BH5H amp. The Blackheart BH5H which is a very decent amp right out of the box will be even better with the Allen designed drop-in… Continue Reading

Forum Discussion: Bb A 6th String Buzz…sometimes?

A new forum member has an issue with his Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue. If he hits a Bb or A note on the 6th string there is a buzz or rattle. Did anyone ever have this happen? Is there a remedy? Credit: Fender.

Dr Z EZG-50 Now Available!

 The wait is finally over…the EZG-50 is here! The EZG-50 has a very definitive 6L6 clean sound. Whether you are lusting after the classic “El Mocambo” tone, looking to surf the big waves, or want twang straight out of Bakersfield.… Continue Reading

Guitar String Frequencies

 Ever wonder what frequencies that your guitar strings vibrate at? Check out the article “Guitar String Construction – How They’re Made” for each strings frequency. This is located at the bottom of the article.

Introducing The Matchless Independence 35 Amplifier

The Matchless Independence 35 is the first 35 watt 3 channel guitar amplifier in Matchless’ history! In addition to the signature backlit nameplate, the three channels light up red, white, and blue. Channel one (blue) is powered by one 12AX7… Continue Reading

The Boogie Files: Early Mark Series Mega Site!

 Vintage Mesa/Boogie amp lovers will find a host of detailed information on Ian Dickey’s site called The Boogie Files. Everything you wanted to know about the Mark series amps with photos, serial number list and orginal Boogie literature. There is a special page… Continue Reading

Want To See The World’s Largets Pedalboard?

 The world’s largest pedalboard was finally unveiled last night during a pre-Summer NAMM gathering in downtown Nashville, TN. The pedalboard itself—which consisted of 142 different pedals, 13 loaded pedalboards, and a mountain of guitar cable—performed as expected, without any glitches or noise… Continue Reading

Duesenberg Vintage Analog Effect Pedals

 Duesenberg’s new analog hand-wired vintage style effect pedals include the Red Echo– analog vintage echo with up to 600ms delay, White Drive– classic booster and overdrive controllable by the guitar’s volume pot while not altering the characteristics of your guitar… Continue Reading

Bracing, Purfling, Thumbwheel and Volute

 Bracing, Purfling, Thumbwheel and Volute. If you do not recognize these terms or their meanings then check out the article “Guitar Terms And Their Meaning” on the Articles page. [shop_ad]