Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Batteries Or Power Supply For Pedals? Both!

Many players have different opinions on whether to use batteries or a power supply for pedals. The battery camp says that as the battery drains and the voltage drops there’s a certain tone their pedals get. The power supply camp says… Continue Reading

Spotlight: Steve Johnson – Blues In A Brave New World

 Steve Johnson’s new album “Leaving New York” is a soulful blues album that features his virtuosic blues playing. Johnson is a leading musician in the blues world, and this album showcases some of his best work. In this Spotlight interview… Continue Reading

PRS 2008 Guitar Video

 From Carlos Santana to Paul Allender, PRS artists discuss why they have come to rely on PRS guitars. Many of ther key executives and designers have also contributed thoughts on what it is like to have a part in creating… Continue Reading

New Gretsch G5122DC Electromatic Hollowbody – Double Cutaway

  Gretsch introduces the double cutaway version of the classic Electromatic G5120 hollow body. Professional features include Gretsch Dual-Coil pickups, rosewood based Adjusto-Matic bridge, Bigsby Licensed B60 Vibrato Tailpiece & chrome-plated vintage style tuners. Color options include Black & Walnut.… Continue Reading

Carvin Reissues The X100B Amp!

   Carvin is proud to reintroduce one of it’s most popular guitar amps, the X100B. The original X-100B debuted in 1982, and was offered in several different designs through 1994. The original X100B was a mainstay on stage and on… Continue Reading

Learn To Play The Beatles To A Tee!

  Learn To Play The Beatles To A Tee by Rob Taylor! The most comprehensive Beatles Instructional Guitar Tool ever created! Video host Rob Taylor impeccably captures accurate guitar-only renditions of each song and ensures that every element of each song is… Continue Reading

New Article: Gibson Mini-Humbucker vs. Gibson Firebird Pickup

        There is a new article about the differences between the Gibson Mini-Humbucker and the Gibson Firebird pickup. Many players think that they are the same pickup with different covers. This is not the case as they are completely… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Tighten Up Your Speakers!

An overlooked component that needs to be maintained in guitar amplifiers is the speaker. We often take them for granted. They are either installed by the manufacturer or by the guitarist retrofitting a specific model for his or her personal tone.… Continue Reading

New Article: DIY- Hot-Rodding The New Fender Champion 600

John R. Frondelli has written a new “How To” DIY article on Hot-Rodding the new Fender Champion 600 amp. John takes you through the entire project with easy step by step instructions. Hot-rod parts kits are available from dBm Pro… Continue Reading

Duesenberg Pomona 6 Multibender Lapsteel Guitar

   Duesenberg releases their new Pomona 6 Multibender lapsteel guitar. A classical 6-string Lapsteel guitar with some very “un-classical” features. Thanks to the revolutionary integrated and built-in “easy-shift” (“easy-slide”) capo you can play in any scale and zero position. The… Continue Reading

Parker Guitars Introduces Two New Guitars

The PM24V delivers the quality and tone you expect from our PM20 with the added benefit of the Parker Vibrato with Fishman piezos for even more versatility. No limits here. Use the piezos for a realistic acoustic sound or mix… Continue Reading

Rolling Stones – Shine A Light

  Today Academy Award-winning filmmaker and the world’s greatest rock n’ roll band will unite to bring audiences the year’s most extraordinary musical film event, “Shine A Light,” to theaters everywhere.Martin Scorsese’s concert documentary “Shine A Light” will show the… Continue Reading

Review: Blackstone Appliances MOSFET Overdrive 2SV3 Pedal

 There is a review of the Blackstone Appliances MOSFET Overdrive 2SV3 pedal on the Reviews page. A very authentic, tube-like overdrive pedal.

Tom Petty and Mudcrutch

  The long awaited debut album from Mudcrutch, recorded in just two weeks last August, will be released on Reprise Records on April 29, 2008. Mudcrutch features Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Tom Leadon, and Randall Marsh. In the… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Turn Your Reverb Tank Upside Down!

After many years the springs in a Reverb tank can sag, particularly the long 14″ tanks. This sagging actually changes the tone of the tank making the reverb tone a little dark and muddy. The sagging also adds to the “sproingy” sound and… Continue Reading