Buriss Amps Introduces Royal Bluesman

Burriss Amps introduces the Royal Bluesman, a very compact, full-featured, hand-wired tube guitar amplifier. Weighing 14 pounds and measuring 11.5″ x 6.75″ x 7.13″, the Class A Royal Bluesman is hand wired, EL84 tube powered and loaded with features. These… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Buying Matched Power Tubes

 When buying power tubes for your amp it is always a good idea to purchase an extra set that is matched to the set you are buying. For example if you are buying a matched pair of tubes for your… Continue Reading

Spotlight: Mark Jenny of MJtele

 This month’s Spotlight is on Mark Jenny and his son Matthew of MJtele. Located in Carthage, Missouri together they specialize in the highest quality aged guitar finishes available. In this interview Mark talks about his finishing work and commitment to customer satisfaction.… Continue Reading

Rickenbacker 75th Anniversary Celebration and International Conference

 You can view a slideshow of the Rickenbackers 75th Anniversary Celebration on their website. Many photos of Susanna Hoffs, The Smithereens, Paul Kantner, Chris Squire, Matthew Sweet and Peter Buck of R.E.M. There are also photos of the factory as well… Continue Reading

Taylor Blackwood GS Acoustic/Electric LTDs Arrive for Spring

This spring, the Taylor Tasmanian blackwood GS returns in the form of a cutaway acoustic/electric 416ce-LTD and an all-blackwood 426ce-LTD. Premium appointments include an abalone rosette and mother-of-pearl diamond fretboard inlays, while cream-colored body and fretboard binding add warm highlights… Continue Reading

Fulltone GT-500

 New from Fulltone the GT-500. Discrete F.E.T Hi-Gain Distortion and Overdrive Booster IN ONE BOX. You could think of them as 2 separate pedals or think of them as stages to be linked together for endless combinations. Hi-Gain side has… Continue Reading

Carl Martin Classic Chorus Pedal

  The Classic Chorus by Carl Martin, is not just another chorus pedal. Yes it can be powered by either a 9V battery or a regulated 9V power supply; yes it has the solid diecast housing with the cool off-white… Continue Reading

Orange Reintroduces The AD5 Amplifier

  Orange reintroduces the AD5 tube guitar amplifier.5 Watt Single Ended, 1×10″ Combo. This classic was originally available in the early 2000s and only produced in very limited numbers. Since then it has become a real collectors piece, even being… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Keep Your Jacks Clean!

 One very simple maintenence procedure can help keep your guitars’ signal at its best and prevent the loss of ground connection. Clean your jacks! We are talking about the 1/4″ jacks on your amplifier as well as your guitar. Jacks can become… Continue Reading

Van Amps “Sole-Mate”

  VanAmps, LLC is proud to introduce the newest member of the Reverbamate series, “Sole-Mate”. This analog spring reverb pedal is based on the original Reverbamate circuitry, which has become the reverb standard of choice for the serious guitar player the… Continue Reading

Line 6 Micro Spider

 The Line 6 Micro Spider is a fully loaded, battery-powered addition to the Spider family of amplifiers. At home, on vacation or in the back of the tour bus, Micro Spider is the portable amp you can truly rely on… Continue Reading

Pedalgear JuiceBox

 The Pedalgear JuiceBox is a multivoltage power supply designed to provide the musician with a variety of output choices and power to spare. There are 5 isolated outputs with eight 9 volt DC outputs and two DC outputs with variable voltage… Continue Reading

Your Old Guitar DVD Videos

  Do you have an old guitar and want to try and figure out what year it was made, and how original it is? Perhaps you’re confused if the finish is original or parts have been replaced. Or maybe you… Continue Reading

Glendale Chimemaster Bridge For Stratocaster Type Guitars

   At first glance the Glendale “Chimemaster” appears to be something that predates the original 1954 tremolo/vibrato system, however, at second glance it’s very much a new breakthrough, where old meets new and the old is the new. Machined from a… Continue Reading

Guitar Patents T-Shirts

 Guitar Patents makes T-Shirts with the original patent drawing silk screened on the front of the shirt. Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, P-Bass, J-Bass, Gibson Les Paul and 5E3 Deluxe amplifier shirts are available. Shirts are black with white printing and are… Continue Reading