Fishman: Aura Acoustic Imaging Pedals Revolutionize Acoustic Amplification

Aura Imaging Pedals utilize Fishman’s Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology in a familiar effects pedal format, finally allowing acoustic guitarists to easily and accurately reproduce the sound of their instrument as miked in a professional studio. Easy to set up and… Continue Reading

New Videos: Video Content On New Video Page

httpv:// Three new video clips have been added to the Videos page. One clip features the Parsons/White B-bender, one the Fender Lap Steel and the open G tuning for Rolling Stones songs.

Laney Lionheart L5T-112

The Lionheart represents everything learned through forty years of Laney tube heritage, distilled into a single amplifier range. Designed to deliver the ultimate tone of a tube being pushed hard – warm and expressive, at an output level which can… Continue Reading

New Article: Guitar String Construction – How They’re Made

 There is a new article “Guitar String Construction – How They’re Made” on the Articles page. The article has cross section illustrations of different guitar strings and links to early manufacture of strings. There is also a link to a… Continue Reading

New Article: Impedance – Speaker Cabinet Wiring

There is a new article “Impedance – Speaker Cabinet Wiring” on the Articles page. The article has wiring diagrams for multiple speaker arrangements as well as power ratings and polarity/phase information. This article will take the guesswork out of wiring… Continue Reading

New Article: Preamp Tube Gain Factors And Tube Substitution

There is a new article: “Preamp Tube Gain Factors and Tube Substitution” On the Articles page. Each type of preamp tube has it’s own gain factor. The article has a gain factor and substitution chart for the 12AX7 type tube.… Continue Reading

The Ventures To Be Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

The Ventures will be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in a ceremony that will be held in the Ballroom of The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.  The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 8 PM on Monday, March 10. … Continue Reading

Joan Jett To Honor Dave Clark Five

   Rocker Joan Jett will pay a musical tribute to the Dave Clark Five when the British group is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Monday March, 10. According to a source at the Hall of… Continue Reading

Mojo Musical Supply And Blackheart Amps Team Up To Modify The Little Giant

Mojo Musical Supply and BlackHeart Amps have collaborated to provide the release of a hand wired drop in kit for modifying the Little Giant 5 watt head and 1×12 combos. Because of the forethought of the BlackHeart team Mojo Musical Supply is… Continue Reading

New Article: Capacitor Referance Chart

There is a new article “Capacitor Referance Chart” on the Articles page. This chart explains the difference between, microfarads, nanofarads and picofarads. There is also a chart with how to decipher the old style color coded capacitors. [shop_ad]

Stones Guitarist Is New Frontman for Louis Vuitton

 Rolling Stone Keith Richards is the new face of Louis Vuitton. Renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the senior rocker cradling his guitar on a hotel room bed for LV.  The slogan appearing in the ad reads, “Some journeys cannot be… Continue Reading

New Article: Resistor Color Codes Explained

There is a new article “Resistor Color Codes Explained” about the color coded bands on resistors. The chart explains what the colored bands mean and there is a link to an online resistance calculator. [shop_ad]

New Videos: Video Content On New Video Page

There are video clips on the new Video page. Two perfromance videos and one “how to” video. Please check back often for more video content.

Ovation VXT Hybrid Guitars For 2008

Ovation is pleased to expand its hybrid VXT offering with new finishes, exotic tops and a lower priced model.The VXT Standard is based on Ovation’s popular Elite T guitar and features a maple neck, one-piece poplar body, textured body finishes,… Continue Reading

Guitar Legend Jeff Healey Dies

Canadian guitarist Jeff Healey died on Sunday, March 2 after a lifelong battle against cancer. He was 41. The Grammy-nominated Healey rose to stardom as the leader of the Jeff Healey Band, a rock-oriented trio that gained international acclaim and… Continue Reading