New Joe Barden Modern T-Style Bridge Pickup

Barden Engineering has a brand new T-Style bridge pickup now available. This is a new “modern” version of the classic Barden recipe. The new modern version features a heavier coil winding for a more aggressive tone and beefy sound. Best… Continue Reading

Guitar Pickup Repair Detail

I had some people email me about the pickup repair video. Basically there was a question on which wire was the outside wire that you unwind to find the break in the coil. This video shows how to determine which… Continue Reading

Guitar Pickup Repair Tips

This video may help you bring a guitar pickup that is not working back to life. A few simple tips and things to try before you send your pickup off for a re-wind. I always say if you do not… Continue Reading

How To Relic Guitar Pickup Polepieces

Here is a video demonstration of the method I use to age or “relic” guitar pickup polepieces. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes to make your current production pickup with nice, shiny polepieces look 40 years old! This… Continue Reading

Telecaster Bridge Pickup Feedback Reduction Tips

If you are like me and love the Fender Telecaster but cannot deal with the unwanted microphonic feedback that can occur from the bridge pickup then this article will help you with tips to reduce or eliminate it. You can… Continue Reading

New Kinman P-90 Hx Pickup Now Available!!!

Hey all you P-90 lovin’ peeps. Chris Kinman has announced that his brandy-new P-90 Hx noiseless P-90 model pickups are now available! He’s been down under working on this pickup for 8 years! Here is how Chris describes his latest… Continue Reading

New Kinman Mk-III Stratocaster Pickups Now Available!

 Alrighty zero hum Strat pickup fans, Chris Kinman has done it again! He made his already great sounding (and dead quiet, zero hum) pickups even better. Introducing the Mk-III series, the next generation of his Strat pickups. What is the reason… Continue Reading

New ElectroKraft Magnedyne Adjustable Tone Pickup

 The new Magnedyne adjustable tone single coil pickup by is a hand wound vintage style pickup whose tone can be instantly changed. For direct replacement of any Strat style guitar pickup, requiring no modifications to your pickguard or guitar… Continue Reading

New Stewart-MacDonald Humbucker Helpers

 Installing the screws, springs and mounting ring on a humbucking pickup can be a pain, especially when the pickup’s already wired into the guitar. The springs tend to go flying off while you’re fumbling to hold everything together. Let our… Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Announces the Hot Stack Plus

 For Stratocaster players, it’s the challenge of the ages: keep the tone, but ditch the annoying single coil hum. A few years ago, we came out with the patented Classic Stack Plus pickup that answered the call. But what about… Continue Reading

Gibson Mini-Humbucker And Firebird Pickup: Aren’t They The Same?

 What is the real difference between these two pickups? Check out the article “Gibson Mini-Humbucker and Firebird Pickup: Aren’t They The Same?” on the articles page. A brief but detailed explanation of these two toneful pickups. Click here to read the… Continue Reading

New Kinman P-90 Hx Coming Soon!

 Pre release introduction: Update: delayed until late June because of problems with the complicated tooling, sorry!! The wait will be worth it I promise you. Name change: I decided P-90 Hx is a better name so please disregard previous name… Continue Reading

Lollar Pickups Releases the B.S. Tele Bridge Pickup

 Lollar pickups announce the release of a new single coil model, designed to fit into a standard Telecaster-style bridge route. The B.S. bridge pickup offers a unique single coil sound, while sharing some of the tonal characteristics of Lollar’s acclaimed… Continue Reading

The Guitar Pickup Handbook by Dave Hunter

 For every electric guitarist, a book that goes right to the source of the sound! The pick-up may be a humble piece of technology, yet without it there would be no electric guitars. In The Guitar Pick-Ups Handbook, guitarist and… Continue Reading

New Lollar SCFH Pickup!

 Lollar pickups announces the release of a new single coil pickup model, designed to fit into a standard humbucker rout. The SCFH offers a unique single coil sound, while sharing some of the tonal characteristics of Lollar’s acclaimed P-90 style… Continue Reading