New ZT Ghost Amp

The Ghost is the latest compact powerhouse from ZT Amplifiers, makers of the innovative Lunchbox line of guitar amps. Sporting stylish looks and diminutive size, the Ghost packs surprising output and tone into a unique and very affordable package. It’s… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Amps Back in Stock!

ZT Lunchbox Amps are back in stock..!! It seems that the mighty little Lunchbox has been selling very well and it has been a bit difficult to keep up with the demand (a good problem to have these days). There… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Extension Cabinets Back in Stock!!

The wait is finally over.. The ZT Lunchbox Extension Cabinets are back in stock..!!! The first production run sold out very quickly so if you did not get one and still want to beef up your Lunchbox now you can.… Continue Reading

Announcing the ZT Lunchbox Photo Contest Winner!

We ran a contest that started on July 2nd for a free ZT Lunchbox amplifier. We asked everyone to send in a photo of themselves rockin’ out with their guitar. On August 5th the top 12 entries were posted and… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Amp on the Big Stage!!

This is one of the coolest photos of the mighty little ZT Lunchbox amp in action..!! The photo was taken on the big stage at Six Flags right here in NJ…!! The amp belongs to Mick Normoyle who is the… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Giveaway – Contest Photos

We are truly excited and ready to give away a ZT Lunchbox Amplifier, but before we can do that we need YOUR help to tell us who is ROCKIN’ IT the hardest in the following pics! These guys all sent… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Giveaway!!!

Who wants to win a free ZT Lunchbox amplifier? All you have to do is send us the wildest, craziest, hardest rockin’ picture of YOU rocking out with your favorite Guitar. Then on August 1st, we will post the 20… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Demo

Here is another quick clip of the new ZT Lunchbox Acoustic amp. This amp is really versatile, sounds great and also has a lot of fun factor to it. Note: There is a slight sizzle sound at the end of… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Available on 4-21-10!!!

Ok friends the brand new ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Amplifier should be available on 4-21-10…!! That’s right!!! It’s a cool little versatile amp with great sound and plenty of volume. I did some demo’s and a few live gigs with this… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic With ES175 Demo

The ZT Lunchbox Acoustic sounds awesome with an archtop guitar! Here is a demo with my ES175. I am no jazz player but I took a stab at a tune inspired by Jim Campilongo. This is a GREAT amp for… Continue Reading

New ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Carry Bag!!

The wait is over! ZT Amplifiers has just released a handy-dandy carry bag for the mighty little Lunchbox amp. This cool little bag is made of a canvas type material and has a pocket for cables or accessories. There is… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic Review!!!!

Ok folks….hereit is the brand new ZT Lunchbox Acoustic amp hot off the presses!!! This little amp is absolutely great sounding and it is very versatile. It has two channels: one for your guitar and one for a microphone. Each… Continue Reading

ZT Club Amps Now Shipping!!!

I have been getting emails every week asking if the new ZT Club Amp is available. I am here to tell you that the new ZT Club Amp is indeed officially available and shipping!! The new ZT Club Amp became… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Club Amp 2/20/10 Release!

Great news everyone!!! I should be able to start taking orders for the new ZT Club amp on or about 2-20-10!! We are right around the corner!!! Sign up here to be notified when the new ZT Club amp is… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Club Amp Review!!!

Ok folks here is the written review of the new ZT Club amp that so many of you have been waiting for including myself!! I received a Club amp to review back in early January and I’ve been putting it… Continue Reading