New Article: Vintage Pots- Metal vs Plastic Shaft by Jim Pasch

There is a new article on the Guest Guru’s page by Jim Pasch of The Parts Drawer called “Vintage Pots- Metal vs Plastic Shaft”. Jim is our Vintage Guitar Guru here at 300guitars. In this article Jim talks about metal… Continue Reading

Cool CD Alert: Pure by Tomo Fujita

Here’s a great new CD by Tomo Fujita called “Pure”. Tomo is an amazing player and faculty member at the Berklee College of Music. He has worked with some great artists such as Phil Collins, John Mayer and Ronnie Earl… Continue Reading

Fender Super Champ Mods

Here is the inside of my 1980’s Fender Super Champ and a few of the mods I did. Nothing too drastic just a few cap values altered for better tone. Let me know if you have any questions. [shop_ad]

1958 Fender Champ – New in Box!

Whoa….two rare Fender tweeds in one week..!! Jason over at made a post this incredible find on his website recently. It seems that Terry Foster, one of the authors of Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970 sent the pic to… Continue Reading

Q&A with Legendary Guitarist Jeff Beck

There is a cool interview with Jeff Beck over on the Fender website. In this Q&A interview Beck talks about his new album “Emotion & Commotion”, how and what he practices, guitars, the Yardbirds, cars and some other cool stuff.… Continue Reading

Vintage Oddity: Rare Tweed Fender Deluxe Owned by Henry Gross

My friend and expert amplifier repair/restoration man Larry Rodgers got a most unusual vintage tweed Fender Deluxe into his shop recently. He knows how I like to “geek out” on things like this so he sent me up an email… Continue Reading

Output Transformer Upgrade

I have a cool little 1980’s Fender Super Champ. It’s one of the amp models that was designed by Paul Rivera. This little guy puts out about 18 watts through a single 10″ speaker. It also features Reverb and an… Continue Reading

Truss Rod vs No Truss Rod Necks

While cruising the internet and making pit stops at some of my favorite guitar sites and blogs I came across a really cool post by JP over at the Stratoblogster. His post was about some Masterbuilt Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster’s… Continue Reading

Banjo Roll Lick Video

This is a really cool “banjo” type lick that you can use in country, rockabilly, swing and jump blues tunes. You have to get the right hand pattern down and then you can play the lick and expand on it.… Continue Reading

Fender vs G&L Necks: Aren’t They Interchangeable?

Every now and then I get an email or two from players asking about putting a Fender neck on a G&L guitar. Some of the G&L guitars have pretty thin necks and it is not easy to obtain a replacement… Continue Reading

Vibramate For Bigsby Tailpiece Mounting

One of the biggest negative aspects of mounting a Bigsby tailpiece on your guitar is that you have to drill holes. It is a definite committment and there is no way around it…..until now. The good folks over at Vibramate… Continue Reading

Ranting on Relics!

Relic…..the buzzword that gets tossed around a lot here in the guitar community. I read and look at lots of info about relic guitars. People’s methods, their pics, projects, tips, etc. and I have to tell you I’ve had it… Continue Reading

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Keith’s Guitars, But Were Afraid To Ask!

This page was sent over to me by my friend Alan Gowa who knows that I love this kind of stuff. Just like the title says…..everything you wanted to know. There is a bunch of great info and some great… Continue Reading

Fender World Wide Band Jam!!

Welcome to the future..!! Fender and eJaming Audio have partnered up so you can jam or record with players literally all over the world in real-time!! How is this possible you may ask? Read on. All you need is something… Continue Reading

Stratocaster Intonation Tip

If you are having trouble setting up and intonating your Stratocaster type guitar then this video can help. The magnetic pull of the pickups can mess with the string vibrations and throw off the intonation……and kill a bit of sustain.… Continue Reading