New Eminence Speakers Custom Shop!!

  This is really cool! The good folks at Eminence Speakers say “If you want it….we’ll build it”. They can modify an existing Eminence product or create a a custom unique design from scratch. There is also a speaker break… Continue Reading

New Eminence Eric Johnson EJ1250 Speaker!

Eminence Speakers and Eric Johnson have teamed up to create a brand new signature speaker model called the EJ1250. It will be available in both 8 and 16 ohm versions, rated for 50 watts. With both American and British flavored… Continue Reading

Eminence FDM Speakers First Impressions

I just received some brand new Eminence FDM (Flux Density Modulation) speakers for review. Anthony and Wetzel sent me two each of the Maverick and Reignmaker. I just got to trying these out and thought I’d briefly post my first… Continue Reading

New Eminence FDM Speakers Now Available!!!

Ok folks the new Eminence FDM speakers are now available..!!! After their announcement at the 2010 winter NAMM show the new attenuating Flux Density Modulation speakers are ready to ship. But….Eminence has only produced 250 of each model…the Maverick and… Continue Reading

Eminence FDM Speakers Available Soon!

Attention….attention..!!! The new Eminence Flux Density Modulation speakers will be available very soon..!!! I just received word that they are in production and I will have a more definitive availability date soon. I tried both the Reignmaker at the 2010… Continue Reading

Eminence Red Fang 10 Speaker Review

[shop_ad]There is a review of the Eminence Red Fang 10 speaker on the Reviews page along with a video demo clip. This speaker sounded absolutely huge in my 1980’s Fender Super Champ! Rated for 50 watts @ 8 ohms the… Continue Reading

New Article: “The Deal on Dust Caps” by Anothny Lucas

Anthony Lucas is the head of Technical Support at Eminence speakers. I sent him over some questions about the dust cap you see in the center of a speaker. I had an idea that they helped shape the sound to… Continue Reading

Cool CD Alert: Pure by Tomo Fujita

Here’s a great new CD by Tomo Fujita called “Pure”. Tomo is an amazing player and faculty member at the Berklee College of Music. He has worked with some great artists such as Phil Collins, John Mayer and Ronnie Earl… Continue Reading

Output Transformer Upgrade

I have a cool little 1980’s Fender Super Champ. It’s one of the amp models that was designed by Paul Rivera. This little guy puts out about 18 watts through a single 10″ speaker. It also features Reverb and an… Continue Reading

O Nine Tunator Cabinets

Here’s something cool I noticed while cruising the Musikmesse info on the web (wishing I was there…). It seems that Dietmar Kammler who played music all his life was not 100% satisfied with his tone. He noticed that there have… Continue Reading

Eminence Ragin Cajun 10″ Speaker Review

There is a review of the Eminence Ragin Cajun 10″speaker on the Reviews page and a video demo clip. This speaker sounded awesome in my 1980’s Fender Super Champ and would match up nicely with other blackface or silverface models.… Continue Reading

Eminence Flux Density Modulation Speaker Demo – NAMM 2010!

I am checking out the ground-breaking, game changing Eminence FDM speakers for the first time. These speakers are absolutely revolutionary in my opinion because you kill two birds with one stone: 1- Great speaker and company, 2- A built in… Continue Reading

Anthony Lucas on the New Eminence FDM Speaker – NAMM 2010

Anthony Lucas of Eminence Speakers talks about the brand new Flux Density Modulation speaker models. There will be two models a Red Coat Series “Reignmaker” and a Patriot Series “Maverick”. Essentially these brand new speaker models will have a built… Continue Reading

Country Guitar Lick #1

Here is a cool country lick that works very well in uptempo country and rockabilly tunes. Hold that bend on the G string throughout the lick and use hybrid picking with some palm muting for the chicken pickin’ effect. Let… Continue Reading

Eminence Black Mountain Speaker Demo

Here is a video clip of my 5E3 type amp I built with an Eminence Black Mountain speaker. I used my Scott Lentz T-type guitar tuned down to D in standard tuning. I ran my guitar through an Eh Memory… Continue Reading