1958 Gretsch Country Club “Projectosonic”

Check out this really cool 1958 Gretsch Country Club model. It is the stereo “Projectosonic” model. It’s set up to have the Low E, A and D strings go to one amp and the G, B and high E strings… Continue Reading

Rate Some of My Favorite Guitars!

Rate some of my favorite guitars! You all know me as being an avid guitar enthusiast….even a guitar maniac at times (like at NAMM..)! I have posted 5 favorite guitars on bubbalon.com for everyone to look at and rate for… Continue Reading

Gretsch Trestle Bracing

Ok, guitar maniac peeps. I added a photo that I found on the interwebz of the Gretsch Trestle Bracing. This bracing keeps your Gretsch guitars equipped with this feature from uncontrollable feedback. It also adds more sustain and allows the… Continue Reading

New Gretsch G6120DSW-R Chet Atkins RELIC!

 SURRENDER TO THE VIBE, TWANG & COOLNESS! Only 50 pieces will be produced worldwide! From the Gretsch Custom Shop comes the G6120DSW-R Chet Atkins 1955 RELIC. Gently distressed to feel like home, your first encounter with its vibrant lacquer finished… Continue Reading

New TV Jones YouTube Channel

 TV Jones has a brand new YouTube channel. There are a few performance videos and a video on how to pop out the wooden shims on a 6120 type guitar and replace them with rubber pieces. This allows height adjustment… Continue Reading