Gibson Les Paul Headstock Repair

    Here we have a Gibson Les Paul Standard with a headstock/neck fracture. A really cool guitar but that damage has go to be addressed!   Couple of clamps ought to do the trick. The clear plastic sheet is… Continue Reading

Fender Champion 600 Makeover

Here we have a current production Fender Champion 600 that I refinished in white tolex & grill. The owner really wanted it to be all white and without a handle. It is going to sit on a shelf as a… Continue Reading

Book ’em Dano!

A very cool Danelectro Convertible. These guitars are just plain fun!! Built in Neptune, NJ. Who would have thought these inexpensive guitars would be very desirable so many decades later? [shop_ad]

Bone Nut For A Mandolin

This Washburn mandolin had a plastic nut that was broken. The only option was to replace it and of course with one custom cut from a bone blank. Besides being more durable the mandolin now has more sustain and better… Continue Reading

Filter Cap Failure

“Well if I replace the caps then the amp isn’t all original any more”. I hear this all the time. While I am in agreement I have to say that it is better to have new electrolytic capacitors in your… Continue Reading

Gibson Les Paul Headstock

For some reason the finish on this 2003 Gibson Les Paul was flaking off the face of the headstock. The rest of the finish on the guitar was 100% intact and in pretty good shape. The owner did not like… Continue Reading

Fender Bass VI

Here is a unique Fender that you don’t see very often. It’s the Fender Bass VI. This is actually the Squier version which is a really good instrument for not a lot of bucks. I made a new bone nut… Continue Reading

Red Tape

I guess no one would be surprised that this guitars’ electronic did not work very well. Red electrical tape for insulation and keeping the wires grounded to the potentiometers. The solder that was used barely made connection to the grounding… Continue Reading

GVCG Esquire Relic

Here is a super cool GVCG Esquire relic guitar that came into my shop for some fret work. This guitar was nice and light and the pickup just screamed. The aging/relicing was tastefully done and looked realistic. Love the copper… Continue Reading

Greco Firebird!

What a great 1980’s Greco Firebird guitar in the shop. The owner’s main complaint about this guitar was tuning issues. The remedy was a good fret level & dress and replacing the original plastic nut with one made of bone.… Continue Reading

1957 Gibson ES-175

Here we have a beautiful 1957 Gibson ES-175. This guitar is in excellent condition with it’s original case. The reason it was in my shop was the frets were very worn. So I gave it the treatment…..refret and bone nut.… Continue Reading

1961 Fender Bassman Amp

A very, very cool 1961 Fender Bassman (6G6 model) that came into my shop for some TLC. A typical 6G6 circuit has a tube rectifier but this one had a diode rectifier like a 6G6-A. Probably a transition circuit. This… Continue Reading

Crafter SAT Guitar Upgrade

This is a unique Crafter guitar I just worked on. It has a piezo pickup for the acoustic guitar sound as well as an electric guitar pickup for the electric sound. I replaced the stock P-90 type pickup with a… Continue Reading

Phil Caivano’s Gibson Les Paul

Phil Caivano from the band Monster Magnet brought me his really cool Gibson Les Paul for some love. Just a basic set up and bone nut replacement. Replacing the plastic type nuts on modern production guitars with a bone nut… Continue Reading

Telecaster Rebuild

Here is a nice Telecaster sent to me from a guy in Michigan for some love. I basically called it a “rebuild” because I had to refret and fabricate a new bone nut, replace the bridge with a stock Fender… Continue Reading