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Unsafe Repair Practice

This is a very unsafe filter cap replacement repair on a vintage blackface Princeton Reverb amplifier. The capacitors are not securely mounted to the chassis. The heat shrink splices pulled off very easily and could have shorted inside the chassis.… Continue Reading


Upgrading Reissue Tube Amplifiers

  Fender ’57 Bandmaster 5E7 reissue chassis before and after. I gutted out the lengthy stranded conductor wire and replaced it with cloth insulated solid core wire. I also replaced all capacitors and resistors with higher quality components. The amp… Continue Reading

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New Penn Instrument Co. Guitar Models!!

  Now available are my new custom built Penn Instrument Company guitars! I’ve been playing T style guitars for about 30 years and building them for myself and occasionally for customers for about 25 years. It is my favorite guitar… Continue Reading


New Jensen Nighthawk 12″ Speaker

  Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Jensen Jet Series, the 12″ Nighthawk. The Nighthawk’s sound is smooth and open with strong, throaty note definition which is complemented by crisp, clear highs. It has the perfect combination… Continue Reading


John Lennon’s Gibson J-160E Found In Pawn Shop and Up For Auction

A John Lennon guitar is going up for auction — the one he played when he wrote the Beatles number: “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” The Gibson J-160E acoustic guitar is expected to sell for up to $800,000 when… Continue Reading

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