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Nitrocellulose Blonde Tele Finish

  Here is a photo of a nitrocellulose Blonde finish I shot on a nice light ash Tele body. The owner wanted a sort of wheat color that almost had a natural look to it. Here is a photo of… Continue Reading


Hand Wiring the Fender Vibroverb 6G16 Reissue

The Fender Vibroverb 6G16 reissue amplifier is a great idea but can be greatly improved upon. When the PCB’s are removed and replaced with a good old style fiber board and hand wired into the chassis the amp dramatically transforms.… Continue Reading

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John Lennon’s Gibson J-160E Found In Pawn Shop and Up For Auction

A John Lennon guitar is going up for auction — the one he played when he wrote the Beatles number: “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” The Gibson J-160E acoustic guitar is expected to sell for up to $800,000 when… Continue Reading


New Jensen Speakers Available


Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers is pleased to announce the newest additions to the Jensen Vintage Reissue Series of speakers – the P6V and the C6V. Both new speakers are 6 inch and rated at 20 watts. The P6V features an… Continue Reading


New Mod Kits DIY MOD102+ Tube Amplifier Kit

The MOD102+ expands on the same all analog vacuum tube classic American circuit design combined with a British style Class A output section as the Original MOD102 with some much added special “+” features.  These special features include a three… Continue Reading

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