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Telecaster Rebuild

Here is a nice Telecaster sent to me from a guy in Michigan for some love. I basically called it a “rebuild” because I had to refret and fabricate a new bone nut, replace the bridge with a stock Fender… Continue Reading

Dirty JMP

Dirty Marshall JMP

Dirty Marshall JMP 100 watt Master Volume model. I cleaned the cabinet & chassis and did a cap job plus a service and new set of tubes. Now the amp sounds great! Ferocious even! 100 watts of JMP power. But… Continue Reading

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Ovation Factory Closing!

Well it looks like Fender has decided to close the Ovation factory in New Hartford, Connecticut. Ovation guitars have been in production since 1967. It is the end of an era…. Click here to read more about it.


Rare Stones pics By Dominic Lamblin

  Here is a link to some cool rare pics of the Rolling Stones. Check out the silverface Fender Twin Reverb amps with JBL badges. Click here to check more pics.

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