What’s Happening on the Forums?

Telecaster & Stratocaster Necks: How Big Is Too Big???   Your opinion? Great New Vintage ES-335 Website   All ES-335 wonks, take a look! If you’ve got a question you’d like answers to, Ask in our forum.  Your question, no matter how… Continue Reading

Visitor Poll Spring 2009

Hello to all www.300guitars.com visitors. First of all we would like to thank you for visiting us every day for the latest guitar news, helpful articles, DIY projects and all the information that 300guitars provides. We are wondering what you’d… Continue Reading

Economy Bad? Stocks Tanking? What about investing in Guitars?

From the Sydney Morning Herald comes this interesting article discussing Vintage guitars as collectibles and investments. From the article: The magazine’s 42-Guitar Index is based on the average estimated value of 42 of the most desirable collectable electric guitars in… Continue Reading

Scheduled server migration today

We are looking to make 300guitars.com FASTER and more easy to use then ever.  To do this we need to upgrade our web server which will happen sometime today, Saturday.  We have planned this to be a seamless transfer, but… Continue Reading