How many times have you started to work on the wiring in a guitar or amplifier and had to stop for various reasons? I don’t like stopping in the middle of a project especially when it comes to amp wiring. It can be hard to remember where you left off when you get back to the project. The real problem that could occur is that when you finally get back to the project you may not remember which wires go where. I have been there in the past and it can take a lot of time to retrace your steps to get back to where you know where each wire went.

What is the solution for this? Well, you could draw a wiring diagram which can take some time but it’s better to take the time than to be clueless as to where everything goes. Remember that your hand drawn wiring diagram is only as good as you draw it. You make a mistake and you could be lost.

The best, fastest and easiest way I found to get a wiring reference is to whip out your cell phone and take a picture of the project before you do anything! Simple, easy and very effective. Take a few different angles close up and from a distance. You can save these pics for future projects or share them with friends if they are working on a similar guitar or amp. This is very effective for some older obscure amps that you can’t find a schematic for or for amps that had mods.

True story: A friend wanted to take apart his resonator Dobro guitar and was afraid he would not remember how to put it back together. I told him to take a picture every step of the way so he could put it back together in reverse order. What happened? He was able to take his guitar apart and put it back together with minimal stress. Cost=zero. Getting the guitar back together without stress=priceless.

Just another simple tip I picked up along the way doing repairs and restorations over the years. I have used this tip numerous times for guitars, amps and even effects pedals. I hope this tip reduces stress with your future projects!