Protection for your hearing has advanced significantly over the years. You no longer need to shove little foam “marshmallows” into your ears and deal with a completely muddy mess of a sound that you hear wearing them. Yes, your hearing is protected but you cannot enjoy the sound of the band or your rig that you have worked countless hours refining. The folks at Westone Laboratories have come up with a solution so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Their Style 49 Hearing Protection is a custom fitted ear mold (similar to the ones that artists use for in ear monitoring) that lets the clear, natural sound of the band be heard while providing 9, 15 or 25dB of attenuation. These are great for wearing at concerts or at any loud event. To purchase set of these you can use the dealer locator on the Westone site or see your local audiologist to have molds made and sent off to the lab for production. Start protecting your hearing today!