One very simple maintenence procedure can help keep your guitars’ signal at its best and prevent the loss of ground connection. Clean your jacks! We are talking about the 1/4″ jacks on your amplifier as well as your guitar. Jacks can become oxidized over time and cause grounding problems and resistance in the signal path. ¼” Output jacks can be cleaned by rolling a small piece of #600 grit sandpaper about the size of a cigarette, “plugging” it into the jack and twisted around several times. On old vintage guitars heavy oxidation sometimes builds up and the guitar may not get a very good connection. There have been a few cases where vintage guitars with output jacks so badly oxidized the guitar did not work at all! This is a mechanical connection and must be maintained. There is a photo of this cleaning procedure in the article “Basic Guitar Maintenence“. There is also a video about this on the video page titled “How To Clean a Guitar or Amplifier Jack”.