Here is a tip for players that have a Stratocaster type guitar with a threaded, screw-in trem arm. Sometimes with the vintage type threaded, screw in arms the arm itself is either too loose and just swings uncontrollably when not in use or tightens up in the wrong spot. Either situation can be annoying. By taking a small amount of plumbers Teflon tape and wrapping the threads of the trem arm a few times you can set the arm where you want it and will still move easily out of the way when not in use. The plumbers Teflon tape can be purchased in any hardware store. It is used around the house for leaky faucet nozzles and shower heads. It is cheap and a little lasts a long time. If after some time you find that your trem arm is starting to feel a little too loose you can simply add a few wraps to restore the feel. A quick and easy fix on the cheap!