Celestion Dealer No More!

That’s right folks….I am no longer a dealer of Celestion speakers. My dealership was terminated without my knowledge. I only found out because I took an order for a G1265 speaker and emailed my sales rep as per usual. I received an email late in the day saying that things have changed with Celestion and now cannot provide me with product. Apparently I do not order frequently enough to warrant a Celestion dealership. My rep directed me to another source online and said sorry for any inconvenience. That was it…. Celestion would not even respond to my asking to fulfill the last order I took for a customer who gave me a deposit.

Well how do ya like that….? Well I have to say that things have not changed here at my 300guitars Shop and customer service is paramount! It is absolutely #1 in my business practice. So I guess the lesson here is to really get to know the suppliers you are representing/working with and make sure their work ethics are in line with your own. There are a few other suppliers and brands that I deal with who offer outstanding customer service and support. I guess Celestion could learn a few things from their practices.