1961 Fender Stratocaster Restoration

The owner of this 1961 Fender Stratocaster brought it to me for a “lite” restoration. All it really needed was a refret and refinish. He has owned this guitar since the early 1990’s and I was actually the last tech to work on it…ha!! The finish in the above photo is not original and it’s actually a dark burgundy color which is obviously not a period correct, stock Fender finish. The finish was also very thick so a new refinish in a period correct, stock Fender color was in order. I sent the body to Mark Jenny of MJT for a Fiesta Red refinish. While the body was at MJT I was busy refretting the neck with Dunlop #6105 fret wire. In the end this Stratocaster looks great and plays like a dream. Tone…? YES, in spades! Warm, woody, airy and just plain old “vintage Stratty”. Love me some vintage geetars!!!

You can see in this photo the burgundy type color.

Bare wood!!

Vintage music shop info under the pickguard.

Fiesta baby!!!