Crafter SAT Guitar Upgrade

This is a unique Crafter guitar I just worked on. It has a piezo pickup for the acoustic guitar sound as well as an electric guitar pickup for the electric sound. I replaced the stock P-90 type pickup with a… Continue Reading

Phil Caivano’s Gibson Les Paul

Phil Caivano from the band Monster Magnet brought me his really cool Gibson Les Paul for some love. Just a basic set up and bone nut replacement. Replacing the plastic type nuts on modern production guitars with a bone nut… Continue Reading

New Modkits Contortionist

The new Contortionist kit is a limited edition, all analog high octane fuzz box. It produces fuzz with layered octave overtones similar to those produced by an electronic-bow. The frequency multiplier circuitry creates harmonics that swell and recede depending on… Continue Reading

Ovation Factory Closing!

Well it looks like Fender has decided to close the Ovation factory in New Hartford, Connecticut. Ovation guitars have been in production since 1967. It is the end of an era…. Click here to read more about it.

Telecaster Rebuild

Here is a nice Telecaster sent to me from a guy in Michigan for some love. I basically called it a “rebuild” because I had to refret and fabricate a new bone nut, replace the bridge with a stock Fender… Continue Reading

Dirty Marshall JMP

Dirty Marshall JMP 100 watt Master Volume model. I cleaned the cabinet & chassis and did a cap job plus a service and new set of tubes. Now the amp sounds great! Ferocious even! 100 watts of JMP power. But… Continue Reading

Smooth Fret Ends

  In this photo I’m in the process of dressing the fret ends of this Westone guitar. It’s in my shop t be refretted. Dressing the fret ends makes them nice and smooth. I also bevel them toward the center… Continue Reading

Ibanez Transformed

  A simple adhesive overlay transforms any guitar. Before= Blue. After= PARTAY!! [shop_ad]

Marshall Wiring Before and After

  I opened up a Marshall JTM50 and…..surprise! Rats Nest! The wiring is very sloppy and neatness does count for many reasons in an amplifier. It also had the output transformer replaced some time ago. The owner wanted to replace… Continue Reading

1967 Fender Mustang

  I just had the pleasure of working on this very cool 1967 Fender Mustang. It needed some electronic work, new bone nut and a good set up. The original headstock decal was gone so I replaced it with a… Continue Reading

New Guild M75 Aristocrat

  New Guild M75 Aristocrat in for a set up and some upgrades. First upgrade was to replace the faux tune-o-matic bridge with a Tone Pros unit. The saddles are much nicer and the bridge locks to the posts with… Continue Reading

Rare Stones pics By Dominic Lamblin

  Here is a link to some cool rare pics of the Rolling Stones. Check out the silverface Fender Twin Reverb amps with JBL badges. Click here to check more pics.

Ibanez Artist Complete

  Here is the finished 1970’s Ibanez Artist I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. The most time consuming part was the hardware out being re-plated and then me having to lacquer all the hardware with an airbrush.… Continue Reading