1967 Fender Mustang Bass

This is Americana at its best. Here is a 1967 Fender Mustang Bass that was personally customized by its owner many years ago. As you can see it has a custom paint job and a few stickers on the front. The bass came to me for a refret because the neck was de-fretted and made into a fretless. One coil of the pickup was open so I had to rewind it. There is also a “smugglers rout” that is obviously not from the factory. No extra holes in the guard for a pickup so I have no idea why the rout is there. All in all the project went smooth and in the end the it plays great and sounds like a Fender Mustang Bass should. But….check out the last photo of the customized neck mounting plate…ooohhhh..!! It’s solid I’ll say that!!!