Nissan/Gibson Mobile Guitar Workshop

Looks Like Nissan and Gibson have partnered up to create a mobile guitar workshop van. It’s loaded with all sorts of luthier tools for on the spot repairs. According to the specs the interior has lots of mahogany and flamed… Continue Reading

New Article: 12AX7 Tube Comparison

There is a new article on the Articles page by Kurt Prange of Amplified Parts called 12AX7 tube comparison. Kurt goes into detail about many current production 12AX7 tubes with graphics. Click here to check out the article.

Pennalizer 35 Amplifier Demo Video

Here is a video demo of my new Standard Series Amplifier the Pennalizer 35. The video was shot at Mountain Cat Guitars with Doug Meyer who is the rep for my new amp line. Enjoy the video and please email… Continue Reading

Yoga Blocks In The Repair Shop

Just a quick tip today. I like to use yoga blocks in my 300guitars Shop to support guitars and amplifier chassis’ for different types of procedures. They are firm enough to bear some weight but will not harm the finish… Continue Reading