New Eminence 820H Speaker

Eminence Speaker LLC is about to release a brand new model to their already extensive line of guitar amplifier speakers. The new 820H speaker is part of their Patriot line. It is an 8″ speaker that is rated for 20 watts and sports a hemp cone. I personally have heard this new model and I have to say that it sounds awesome and unlike any other 8″ I’ve heard. It sounds and feels more like a 10″ but still retains the voice and charm of an 8″. I believe the hemp cone has a lot to do with its characteristics.

The overall tone of the new Eminence 820H is warm and clear with a nice punchy bottom end. It really works for clean playing as well as overdriven tones without the typical plinky 8″ tone or feel. You can hit it hard and it does not give in or implode. Champ owners will really love the 820H and I can only imagine what a pair or quad of these would sound like.

If you are going to be at the NAMM show between January 24th-27th you can check out this new model by visiting Eminence Speaker LLC in Hall C, Booth #4334. The good folks at Eminence will be demonstrating the new 820H in a custom amplifier I built for them based on the old Champ circuit. It is a custom Pennalizer “Sixwatt”.

Click here for more Eminence 820H information and specs.