New Pennalizer Standard Series Amplifiers!

I am very happy to announce that my new Pennalizer Standard Series amplifiers are now available! I have been working on this design for about 2 years or so tweaking and changing things until I got them just right. The new Standard Series Pennalizer amps are not clones of any of my previously released models or any vintage amplifier. They are a culmination of some of my favorite tube amp elements in one package.

There are two models in the lineup. Pennalizer 35 (35 watts) and Pennalizer 18 (18 watts). Each model is available as a 1×12 combo or head version with Reverb as an option. The Pennalizer 35 is a warm, clear, bold sounding amp with plenty of power for most small to medium size gigs. It will also do a great job on a larger stage and can be used in conjunction with an extension cabinet. I am a working musician and I think other working musicians should love this model because it is portable (18″H x 20″W x 9.5″D) and weighs only about 39lbs! The Pennalizer 18 is also a warm, clear and bold sounding amp but will start to break up at a lower volume. This can be desirable for blues and rock players that like to play their amps a little on the dirty side. Dimensions are the same as the Pennalizer 35 and weighs about 1lb less. When pushed both amps stay clear and hold together exceptionally well including the lower bass notes. No blurred mush here!

Both amp models are point to point hand wired and use very high quality components throughout the build. This ensures warm, dynamic tone with excellent reliability. Rugged steel chassis, finger jointed cabinetry, Mil spec potentiometers are some of the features that will keep the amp out of the shop and on the stage for many years. For more information, specs and pricing please click on the link below.

Please visit my Pennalizer amp site for more information.