Modkits DIY Tea-Philter

The Tea-Philter is one of eleven effect pedal kits available from Modkits DIY. This particular kit is easy to build and can be used for a number of different cool effects.

The Tea-Philter pedal produces a fixed wah tone that you can lock in without rocking a wah pedal to find a sweet spot useable for chords or lead solos. You can dial in some cool “quacky” type tones or add some overdrive distortion and get that rocked back “Money For Nothing” type sound. Also think early Tom Sholzs’ Boston sound. I found it useful for bass guitar as well. You can get a cool, funky bass tone by setting the knob around the 2 o’clock range. The Tea-Philter affects each instrument differently so you have to experiment.

The kit uses point-to-point wired construction and includes easy-to-follow instructions. I assembled the entire kit in about an hour. If you are looking for a first-time project that will add a cool funky tone to your tonal tool box then check out the Tea-Philter. It’s a no-brainer at $31.95. Would make a good post-Sandy or winter project.

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