JD McPherson – North Side Gal

This is a great video by one of my favorite new artists JD McPherson. Rock it…!!!! [shop_ad]

GSI (Guitar Scene Investigation) Case #71 Harmony Stratotone Blues

GSI (Guitar Scene Investigation) Case #71 Harmony Stratotone Blues. My man Phil Caivano from the band Monster Magnet brought me his Harmony Stratotone because the stock bridge was damping the sustain, clarity and tone not to mention the intonation was… Continue Reading

Bob Dylan’s Long-Lost Newport Folk Festival Electric Guitar Found In New Jersey

Could this be the actual Strat Dylan played at the Newport Folk Festival back in 1965 where he ruffled his fan’s feathers? Either way it sure is a beaut! I’m sure JP over at the Stratoblogster is drooling over this… Continue Reading

ASI Case #56 Fender Pro Reverb Filter Cap Caper

ASI (Amp Scene Investigation) case #56 the “Fender Pro Reverb Filter Cap Caper”. These old bulging dried out filter capacitors were literally robbing tone from this Fender Pro Reverb Amp. They steal dynamic response, muck up the overall clarity and… Continue Reading