300guitars Shop Cool Summer Savings!


Hi everyone- I just wanted to let you all know that yesterday marked the first day of summer and coincidentally it really feels like it out there today with temps closing in on the triple digits! With the change of the season it’s a good idea to have your guitars in for a set up with special attention on the truss rod. The change in climate can make your neck shift leaving you with a sluggish playing guitar that felt great a couple weeks ago.

From June 20th until Labor Day (September 3rd) enjoy some cool summer savings at Billy Penn’s 300guitars Shop!

*Take $10 off all guitar and bass set-ups.

*Basic Amplifier Servicing which includes cleaning the potentiometers, tube sockets & jacks, checking and setting bias accordingly as well as overall check is $55 (normally $75).

*All repairs between $100 & $499 take 5% off!

*All repairs over $500 take 10% off!

* Take 10% off all custom amplifier orders!!

Note: Discounts applied to labor costs only (not parts or materials). Bass guitar strings are not included in the discounted set up cost.

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