1958 Gretsch Country Club “Projectosonic”

Check out this really cool 1958 Gretsch Country Club model. It is the stereo “Projectosonic” model. It’s set up to have the Low E, A and D strings go to one amp and the G, B and high E strings go to another amp. You can play it in mono as well. Some unique features include: spruce top, trestle bracing, pre-P.A.F. stereo Filter’tron pickups and plain pickup rings. This is a very clean example. No binding rot and the neck is straight as an arrow with a large chunky feel. Has more of an expensive Gibson feel to it. Of course the sound is all Gretsch. I fabricated a new bone nut, dressed the frets, cleaned the pots, lubed the original Grover tuners, set it up and gave it some TLC. Plays and sounds GREAT!!!